Orange City Cockfighting Operator Arrested

Volusia County (WTFF) – Detectives found a breeding and training ground used for cockfighting while executing a search warrant on a home early Wednesday. 47-year-old Jose Rodriguez-Quinones is facing a litany of charges: animal fighting, possession of an animal fighting pen and paraphernalia, owning property to manage and operate animal fighting, possession of cannabis oil […] »

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood

If every Sheriff thought like him, Florida would be a much safer and more peaceful place. Amazing Florida Man headlines would decrease, but it’d be worth it. Cop hate would decrease, because there would be more accountability and trust. Crime would decrease because we could focus on important stuff and not waste effort. Plus we […] »

It’s gonna be really f*cking cold in Florida; impending snow, death, mayhem

(WTFF) – Put on extra pairs of socks before you step into your sandals this week, because Florida’s gonna get really f*cking cold and we’re all gonna die*. »

Florida Boy Defends Himself Against a Clown Using a Selfie Stick

It’s October in Volusia County, on Friday the 13th. The cool morning air reminds Floridians that Halloween is approaching. 11-year-old Florida Boy is riding his bike, pedaling north along Howland Boulevard… While approaching Pine Ridge High school he heard a noise in the bushes… slowing down, he got a little closer to investigate. Suddenly a […] »