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Orange City Cockfighting Operator Arrested

Jose Rodriguez-Quinones

Volusia County (WTFF) – Detectives found a breeding and training ground used for cockfighting while executing a search warrant on a home early Wednesday.

47-year-old Jose Rodriguez-Quinones is facing a litany of charges:

animal fighting, possession of an animal fighting pen and paraphernalia, owning property to manage and operate animal fighting, possession of cannabis oil with intent to sell, possession of a weapon by convicted felon, possession of ammunition by convicted felon, possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The West Volusia Narcotics Task Force of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office was executing a warrant as part of a narcotics investigation, according to a press release.

They found “a chicken coop on the property with a pit used for training and conditioning chickens for fighting.”

A total of 26 live chickens were found.

Two others were found dead in a fire pit and a trash can.

Volusia County Animal Control was able to take custody of the living chickens.

The rescued birds are now “being housed and cared for at the Volusia County Fairgrounds.”

In addition to the chickens, cops found a rifle, ammunition, marijuana and cannabis oil, cash and drug paraphernalia.

“Rodriguez-Quinones stated he used the rifle to kill raccoons and other animals that attacked his chickens.”

He said he “no longer fights them,” but sells chickens for $200 – $400 a piece for his main income, according to the arrest affidavit.

The pit was admittedly for “training and conditioning chickens for fighting.”

When the cops told Jose his chickens were being seized, he said:

I will just buy more chickens, this is my life.

Jose Rodriguez-Quinones

“Rodriguez-Quinones’ criminal history includes convictions for armed trafficking of cocaine, arson and illegal entry of an alien,” states the press release.

His bond remains at $76,000.

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2 years ago


2 years ago

I have many ideas how he should perform his “community service.”
After he serves jail time, paying a very large fine and a lifetime ban from owning or being anywhere animals are.
That’s a much nicer punishment than the “community service” I’d sentence him to.
“Hey, I think he earned it.”