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CrackHead Lighter

Daytona Beach (WTFF) – A gas station in Volusia County has chosen to label their cheap modifiable lighter item a “CrackHead Lighter.”

Receipt showcasing how a Point of Sale system labeled one item as a “CrackHead Lighter”

Most Floridians know that if you take the top off and wrench the flame adjustment mechanism, you can make some big ass flames instead of boring little ones.

Obviously that’s cool.

Flames can reach around 5 to 6 inches tall in a modified “crackhead lighter,” or “crack lighter.”

“Crack Lighter”

Urban legend insinuates that crack addicts, crack users or “crackheads” always use those big ass flames to smoke crack, though many crack cocaine users simply light their crack-covered brillo pads stuffed in a tire gauge or rose with a regular, unmodified flame.

Crack is probably one of the worst drugs, in close competition with alcohol in terms of health risks. It’s also a huge waste of time, money and dopamine. There are far better drugs than crack. Just don’t do it.

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CrackHead Lighter

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1 year ago

I don’t get how a big flame can be considered a crackhead lighter, if you want the shit to burn properly, get the resin built up in the brillo, get that to the vapor state bout 90°C , ya just need a small flame, get er goin then slow and low. let’s torch the fuck out the brillo instead, probably worse than the crack smoke. Maybe I’m not quite a full fleged crackhead yet, or urban legends are playing tricks on ya.

2 years ago


4 years ago

What are the better drugs to do? Just asking for a friend!