Turn off the TV

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Corporate news stations intentionally provoke emotions to foster engagement. Their motive is not to inform people, but to monetize the time and attention spent on irrelevant and exaggerated matters. Step away from the TV and face reality. Encourage others to do the same. »

War on Drugs

We would like to take a moment to honor and thank everyone who died or spent time locked in a cage for providing a valuable service to U.S. residents. Those who were punished by a violent and oppressive state for exercising their supposed liberty and freedom, we salute you. The most dangerous thing about “illegal […] »


We’re not partisan at WTF Florida. We’re simply opposed to bigotry, cruelty and hatred. If that criteria excludes your political camp, then perhaps you should take a deep and objective look at your life, and question your fundamental beliefs. »

Old Media / New Media

The New York Times publishes false information to stir up illegal wars. CNN baits anxious Democrats. Fox News baits angry Republicans. Almost all corporate media is toxic garbage for the mind and soul. Their frivolous and skewed stories intoxicate us with anger and hope, yet do nothing to elucidate the roots of the tragedies being […] »

Why do we bitch so much?

Part of healing the divisions in this country involves laughing at ourselves and becoming more humble. It also involves exposing media tricks that are used to manipulate the senses. We try to use sarcasm to elicit truth. Sometimes we suck at it and the message at the depth falls flat. Sometimes it’s kinda funny and […] »

The War on Drugs

It’s almost like the “War On Drugs” is a complete failure that weaponized the police against American citizens, enabled drug smugglers to build empires that fund actual crime like human trafficking, took away our individual freedom of choice, increased the amount of overdoses and deaths due to unregulated product strength and content, allowed pharmaceutical companies […] »

Legislative Bills

Any “news” article that claims a “proposed bill” or “new legislation” could do this or that outrageous thing, without referencing the actual bill or providing links to House/Senate websites to let you read it, is full of shit. Most of the news in America is just inflammatory click-bait designed to pester, annoy, enrage and divide. […] »

Their News Versus Our News

We treat the news just as seriously as any other news outlet. That’s how you know our whole society’s fucked up. News in America is basically just ridiculous entertainment carefully arranged to deceive, enrage and divide the masses. It’s powered by greed, as editors produce click-bait to sell more ads on. Since only a few […] »

State of Florida

Written by Randy W. State Of Florida: Miles and miles of strip malls with divorce lawyers, tattoos, pawn shops,etc., Wal-Marts every mile, trailer courts, trailer parks, trailer trash, malls, strip malls, mini-malls, cops, artery-clogging steak houses, McDonald’s/Wendy’s/Burger Kings every 3 blocks, constant hot/humid weather, dixie this, dixie that, little lizards climbing the trees, “neighbors” who […] »

Trip Patrol

There should be a serious constitutional amendment to legalize all drugs. Take the role away from cops so they can focus on violent crimes. Create a “trip patrol” who come equipped with mental health training to talk down “bad trips” but with a few backups who can tackle drunk people and PCP users if needed. […] »


The articles on WTF Florida often have a liberal slant. We do that on purpose because it’s funny and we do actually support many left-leaning ideas in politics, such as treatment over prison for drug addicts, free access to quality health care and education, treating our environment with respect, and generally making progress. One distinction […] »

Prison + Profit

It’s almost like arresting drug addicts and spending tax dollars to put them in overpriced storage containers only to release them later with no rehabilitation and with a record that denies them from having a good job doesn’t really work for society. Are humans actually so ignorant that they believe these efforts are effective? Or […] »

Stand Your Ground

If someone tries to assault you in any way, be sure to Stand Your Ground and place a bullet inside of them. If you let them live, they could hurt someone else. If you go through the courts, the assailant will be untouchable if they have money or political clout. Do the world a favor and exercise […] »

Liberal Twitter Feed

Show a topic that makes you angry, but one that makes you feel solidarity with other angry people. Show another one. And another. Show an ad about something that some advertiser thinks you might want to pay for, based on your data. Like-minded people agreeing with each other. BUY CRAPPY PIZZA FROM THIS GIANT CORPORATION […] »