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Basically, we ain’t responsible for shit, you ain’t responsible for shit, everyone can say whatever the fuck they want. Nobody can (successfully) sue us for libel, because our shit’s tight and we only report facts directly from arrest affidavits or other news sources. Nobody can sue use for making fun of them because of 17 U.S.C. § 107. We don’t have to be decent because of 47 U.S.C. § 230. No company can try to censor us because of Florida Statutes 768.295. Our readers can write any comment they want, even if it’s disturbing, because “the comments posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. No legal action may be taken against a user for their comments.” Full Story »



Now y’all Florida Crackers know how the hood feels. It’s not fun when the government singles out something you enjoy and makes it illegal, is it? It’s not fair when your hobbies are painted as violent and dangerous, is it? Harry Anslinger started the war on weed by convincing many gullible, racist fucks that it had a negative “effect on the degenerate races.” He said that “reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.” These anti-cannabis laws are still in place today, blocking people from enjoying a harmless plant, and also allowing our state and country to incarcerate millions of innocent people, mostly poor people and minorities, even though black people and white people use cannabis at about the same rate. So, now they’re coming after your bump stocks, and perhaps your “scary” rifles next. You all sat there and watched other groups of people get their civil rights taken away from them time after time and said nothing, because you thought or pretended that it didn’t directly affect you. Many of you even cheered on the stripping away of our rights. Remember that a violation of civil rights for one is the violation of civil rights for all. We’re all in this together, so start acting like it.

Floridian Stands His Ground Against Armed Burglars in Jacksonville


Jacksonville (WTFF) – A Floridian was able to defend himself during an armed home invasion by pulling out his own guns and shooting at the intruders.

“They messed with the wrong house,” said the homeowner to Action News Jax, wearing a menacing eye patch and all black attire.

The two men put a gun to his face and forced him inside his living room.

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Banned from Facebook for 30 Days


Facebook status posts will be delayed for an entire month because they banned me again for posting memes and being silly. Fuck Facebook’s algorithms. And fuck being politically correct. Facebook’s just trying to compensate because they know they fucked up by selling millions of ads to Russians during the elections. Yep, all those “Keep America America!” memes that “patriotic,” senile people shared… they came from trolls in a country that hates America. It’s funny but it’s sad. Hopefully the Millennial generation won’t be so goddam fucking stupid. Yes I’m talking to all you baby-boomers and literal racists who got tricked into voting for Trump. You got played, you old pieces of shit. That’s the art of the deal… but whatever, back to the reason we got banned.

People are upset that Facebook allowed all that to happen and made a shit-load of money from those ads. So now Facebook’s just banning the shit out of everyone, doing damage control with their snowflake robots detecting “offensive” things as part of their damage control. Full Story »