Cannabis Laws

The laws regarding cannabis are completely archaic and absurd. They were founded in ignorance, fear, greed, and hatred, rather than research, understanding, fairness, and respect. That being said, it’s not the fault of the police that the herb is illegal. Don’t hate them for it. They’re just doing their job, and over half of them probably agree with our sentiment (but won’t outwardly say it). Don’t fucking drive around with expired tags while smoking loud. Don’t hang out in parking lots rolling blunts in broad daylight. Don’t be obvious. Don’t be stupid. It breaks our Floridian hearts to see how often people get arrested for a tiny bit of marijuana… cars impounded, work interfered with, families disturbed, debt arising… it’s tragic and senseless. One day we will fix our laws regarding cannabis. Until then, just don’t be so fucking obvious with it, OK? This is a public service announcement brought to you by WTFF News. Full Story »