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Florida Man Falls Asleep in SUV Full of Stolen Goods

Avon Park (WTFF) – A Florida man was arrested after deputies found him sleeping inside of a vehicle full of stolen items.

36-year-old Jimmy Ray Jackson was sitting in a silver Toyota SUV off Falcon Rd around 8:30 in the morning on Friday, according to a press release.

Sgt. Amanda Dettman found Jimmy Jackson asleep inside the vehicle.

The SUV was running and in drive.

Jimmy Jackson had gloves on. A flashlight and a screwdriver were on the seat next to him. The SUV was completely filled with items reported stolen in a series of burglaries in the area the previous night.

Loot from some burglaries on Lake Lillian Drive, Carmel Road and Azalea Drive, all in the Avon Park Lakes area on Sep. 6

“More than 100 items — ranging from an empty bottle of cologne and a pack of Q-tips to jewelry, cash, an air compressor and a youth football jersey — were recovered from the stolen SUV.”

Jimmy Ray Jackson was arrested.

Cops also found some weed and made a cute joke about it in their news article, saying that it “may explain Jackson’s mid-crime spree snooze.”

Turns out the SUV was stolen too. It was returned to the owner.

Jimmy Ray Jackson is facing a litany of Florida Man charges, including 4 counts of burglary of a vehicle, 2 counts of burglary of a structure, 4 counts of possession of burglary tools with intent to use, 2 counts of grand theft, 2 counts of petit theft, 2 counts of felony criminal mischief, 1 count of grand theft of a motor vehicle, 1 count of possession of marijuana, 1 count of possession of drug paraphernalia and 1 count of driving with a suspended license.

More charges are expected to be filed.

If you live in the area and suddenly realize you’re missing stuff, call Det. Melissa Lander at 863-402-7250 or email [email protected] so you can get it back.

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1 year ago

I guess he was asleep on the job ? He looked mighty “perky” in his mug shot.