Florida Man Smashes Veterinarian Clinic Window Trying to Free the Kittens

sandflea jesus
Melbourne Police are looking for someone known to locals as “Sandflea Jesus,” whom they say tried to break into a veterinarinan clinic on Eau Gallie Boulevard. (Melbourne Police)

Brevard County (WTFF) – A man who allegedly smashed the window of a veterinarian clinic with a hammer, scaring the workers and animals inside, is still on the loose. Full Story »

Cop at Cordova Mall Goes Ham on Alleged Shoplifter


A video surfaced featuring a cop at the Cordova Mall in Pensacola grabbing a woman by her braids, dragging her around, and wrestling her to the ground. We only assume she’s a shoplifting suspect because of the circumstances. (Scroll down past the video to see the updates to the story).

Like most viral videos, it begins in the middle of the chaos, so there’s no safe way for us to guess how this all really started. It’s safe to say though, that grabbing someone by the hair isn’t part of the “how to apprehend a suspect” curriculum… but then again, this is Nawrth Flawrduh.

According to some of the locals, her blue outfit indicates that she’s Pensacola PD and not just a mall cop. Also the fact that she has a gun. The mall cops wear white outfits and don’t carry guns (yet).

Anyway… here’s the disgraceful video… enjoyFull Story »