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Florida Woman Steals From Walmart, Smokes Crack in Police Cruiser

Rachelle Marie Tocco

St. Petersburg (WTFF) – A Florida woman arrested for stealing from Walmart was caught free-basing in the back of the police cruiser.

30-year-old Rachelle Marie Tocco allegedly stuffed some clothes in a lunchbox while perusing Walmart. An off-duty police officer caught her in action, according to the Tampa Bay Times. She was stopped upon leaving the Walmart and admitted to stealing.

On her way to county jail, in the back of the police cruiser, she let out a few clouds of smoke.

At the jail, police found a “crack pipe with cocaine residue” and some generic Xanax in her vagina.

She was charged with felony petit theft, possession of cocaine, possession of alprazolam and two counts of introducing contraband into a county detention facility.

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5 years ago

A hot crack pipe in the vagina. She’s dedicated to her work.

5 years ago

Well she hid it where no one would want to look for it