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Florida Woman Goes on Racist Rant After Teen Drops Gum Wrapper in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg (WTFF) – A video was posted showing an encounter between a teen who dropped a gum wrapper on the ground and a woman who called him the n-word.

The young man in the video is 14, according to the original poster, Deysha Adriana. He was near Williams Park in St. Petersburg, Florida last week when he “dropped a gum wrapper on the ground.”

“He was going to pick it up until she started calling him out of his name,” said Adriana in the post, which has almost 9,000 shares. “Almost 2020 and we still are dealing with being spoken to in this manner over what exactly? A gum wrapper. Tasteless. 🙄. “

The woman can be seen in the video gesticulating wildly towards the ground, and screaming in a southern accent, “Pick it up! Find it! Get down on your knees and find it!”

“Git down on yer knees ‘n fahnd it,” she drawled again before the young man with a nervous smile walked away to deescalate the situation.

“No-‘count little nigger,” the Florida Woman yelled at the departing teen. “That’s how you are, all y’all! No-‘count fucking niggers! Walk around here actin’ like somethin’.”

Editor’s note: The term “no-‘count” is a Southern expression meaning “worthless” or “a person of little value.” It’s a colloquialism of the adjective “no-account.”

“Film me, fucker, film me!” she yelled at the video’s end.

She’s now known as “Pick it up Peggy” on the internet.

The Tampa Bay Times interviewed the young man’s mother, who first though the video was a prank. “Did you make this up?” asked Tykeshia Henry-Burch. “How did you get this on video?”

Barry Henry, the 14-year-old in the video, assured her it was real: “You can call Grandma and ask her.”

The mom told the Tampa Bay Times that she’s not interested in revealing the woman’s identity:

“I don’t care to know who it is. She needs help. We don’t wish any ill will on her. If she needs some mental health, I would hope she would get it.”

Adriana later edited her post with this update:

My family would like to first thank those who have expressed their genuine concern towards my younger brother in regards to the below video.

The point of this post is/was to continue to raise awareness regarding inappropriate behavior, and racism in our city, country, and world.

Please note that we are not a confrontational family, and we are not looking for vengeance towards this woman, nor are we looking to fight racism, with racism. ❤️🌏

When Barry returned to school, he received praise from teachers and fellow students for how he handled the situation.

“They told me I did the right thing,” he told the Tampa Bay Times. “Walk away and smile. Don’t even think about it.”

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Florida Woman Goes on Racist Rant After Teen Drops Gum Wrapper in St. Petersburg

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2 years ago


3 years ago

the woman was right filthy fucking niggers invade our city daily through section 8 welfare housing and the rest of us have to watch a city turn to trash they destroy one city after the next because they are subhuman Savage animals go back to the fucking ghetto where you monkeys came from.

4 years ago

blue gum

4 years ago

we all bleed red and were all people so stop the racism thing

4 years ago

tye point is the generation regardless of race is a complete waste and shows Total disregard and disrespectfor this country . Yeah, using the racial word showed her intelligence level woth a lack of an elevated IQ, but the point is principal
-combat vet

4 years ago

The real shame here is that this woman probably has already made a few babies to carry on her legacy long after she’s gone. Florida is a very special place with very special people. Emphasis on special.