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Florida Man Dials 911 After Getting Scammed by Hookers

Jon Omer Sengul, Florida Man

West Palm Beach (WTFF) – A Florida man called the cops to report that he paid for sexual services that he never received.

50-year-old Jon Sengul dialed 911 on March 22, according to West Palm Beach police. (WPTV)

Cops showed up to the Days Inn at 2300 45th St., and Sengul told them he offered four people $500 for them to come to his hotel and have sexual relations.

None of them showed up.

The Florida man was asked to clarify if he was soliciting people for sex. He confirmed with the cops that he was indeed.

Sengul is homeless, according to the report.

He was arrested and charged with soliciting a prostitute. Bail got him out of jail on Sunday.

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