Drunken Florida Man Makes a Hobby out of Threatening Rape and Beheadings

Michael Girardin

VERO BEACH – Floridians have some strange hobbies. These hobbies get even more strange when alcohol is involved.

Runners in Vero Beach got a taste of this adage on Sept. 20, around the Merrill P. Barber Bridge.

Michael Girardin is a 62-year-old homeless Florida Man who was pedaling around on his bike while downing copious amounts of vodka. Full Story »

Florida man dies after he’s sucker punched at gas station


A 62-year-old man died after he was sucker punched while sitting outside a gas station in the Florida Keys, news reports say.

Steven Sanderson, who is homeless, was outside a Chevron station on Friday night when Fred R. Hauch, 53, hit him, the FlKeyNews reports. Sanderson struck his head when he fell to the ground; he died on Sunday at a Miami hospital.

Sanderson was speaking poorly about an employee at the Chevron gas station when Hauch asked another employee inside if he wanted him to punch Sanderson, according to an arrest report obtained by the FLKeysNews.

The employee thought Hauch was joking and said “yes.” Full Story »

Florida Man Threatens Man With Machete To Go Steal Beer From Walmart

Michael Richard Laplante

MERRITT ISLAND, Florida – A Florida man is in jail after he allegedly threatened another man with a machete to make him to steal beer from a Walmart in Merritt Island, Florida.

The victim was inside his friend’s boat in a wooded area near Kiwanis Island park that is just west of the Walmart Supercenter located at 1500 East Merritt Island Causeway. Full Story »