You’re going to boycott Publix?

Written by: Michael McCombs via internet post. In response to this article: Publix Engages in Memetic Warfare – So let me get this correct, you’re going to boycott Publix because they contributed $310,000 to Adam Putnam? Well guess you are also going to boycott Disney World, they donated directly to Adam Putnam too. Also, time to boycott Universal […] »

82-Year-Old Florida Woman Spits on Officer’s Face at Publix

Josette Jordan
When you think of grandmas going grocery shopping, it’s normal to imagine gentle women cutting out coupons and writing checks as they hold up the line. It’s normal to imagine mild-mannered sweetness emanating from them, disarming your frustration and making you smile at the slight inconvenience of being stuck behind them at the checkout lane. […] »

Florida Man used his baby’s stroller to steal shampoo, prosecco, and cocktail sausages

EUSTIS, Fla. – A 26-year-old man used a baby stroller to steal items from a grocery store, according to law enforcement in Florida. Shortly before 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, a loss-prevention officer at Publix, said he saw Robert Kevin Hughes walk down the aisles with a baby stroller, then stuffing the stroller with items he didn’t […] »

Homeless man walks into Publix with a human skull, using it as a puppet

So this Florida Man found a human skull and decided to play with it. Waltzing into a grocery store in south Florida, he kindly entertained the customers with a puppet show. “He was using it as a puppet,” said Nick Pecoraro… “It smelled like death.” Source: »

Brawl in the Deli Aisle – Baldwin Park Publix

Fighting over who gets their sub first? Nah, it was over a shopping cart: When Edwin Colon (gray shirt) was trying to pull into a parking space in the parking lot, a pregnant female was loading her child into her vehicle. After she was finished loading the child into the vehicle, she left her cart in the middle […] »