It’s gonna be really f*cking cold in Florida; impending snow, death, mayhem

(WTFF) – Put on extra pairs of socks before you step into your sandals this week, because Florida’s gonna get really f*cking cold and we’re all gonna die*. Full Story »

Florida Man Says Hidden Cameras in His Airbnb Were for Sex Parties, Not Spying

airbnb hidden camera

There’s a seemingly infinite well of horror stories about Airbnb hosts returning home to find their houses robbed, trashed, or turned into impromptu brothels. But it turns out things can get pretty weird for Airbnb guests, too. An Indiana couple on vacation in Florida was horrified earlier this week when they discovered a hidden camera inside the bedroom of their Airbnb, ABC reports.
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Sign language interpreter used gibberish, warned of bears, monsters during Hurricane Irma update


Jane Smith kindly interpreted the complete nonsense this Manatee County Man was signing. Go follow her on Twitter @Just_J4now to show some love and support. She’s facing some backlash and could use some encouraging words from real Floridians to prove that we’re not all this ignorant here…

Officials in Manatee County, Florida are under fire after an interpreter for the deaf warned about pizza and monsters during an emergency briefing related to Hurricane Irma. Full Story »

Letter to State Attorney: Shark Dragging Incident


A formal decision from the 12th Judicial Circuit State Attorney is expected by mid-August as publicly announced by assigned Assistant State Attorney Andrew Van Sickle to the shark dragging incident. But still NOTHING has been done. Four men allegedy dragged a shark going at super high speeds while the still-live black tip sharks body was beating against the unforgiving waves. This story has gone viral in numerous media outlet all around the globe. A few of these animal abusers doing this sick shit for mere entertainment have had a history of wildlife and animal abuse. Yet they are still not locked up, fined, or prosecuted. It is time to demand justice once again as our peaceful weapon is information. We want answers as a community. We want answers now!!!

Below are four Letters addressed to our State Attorney by county. PLEASE PRINT AND MAIL TO THE CORRESPONDING ADDRESS. (You can also copy and paste this letter and email it using the link below)

EMAIL: ( On the email form, for the Case No., trying using the FWC’s case number FWSW17OFF012872, given to us in an email.





Thank you to a fellow animal advocate who penned the above letters. I will keep her anonymous as per request. However, please do modify and personalize as you wish. Thank you warriors!

Off-duty deputy saves couple from burning car by shooting it

Car Moccasin Wallow Road

MANATEE COUNTY — Willie Finklea said he will purchase the tool needed to break a car window for his wife, daughter, and himself, after he needed to use his personal firearm to shoot out the window of a car and rescue a couple from a burning vehicle.

“All I had was my keys and my pocket knife so I had no other tools other than my off-duty weapon to make entry into the car,” said Finklea who is a Manatee County Sheriff’s deputy. “I banged on the window several times with my hand.”

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Neil Cook, 64, was driving with his wife, Claudia, 65, in the 9300 block of Moccasin Wallow Road at about 2:27 p.m. Sunday when he noticed smoke coming from his vehicle. Cook pulled over and realized the vehicle was on fire, but the couple was trapped inside because the electronic windows and locks were not working. Full Story »

‘Shark Dragging’ Petition Delivered to Ed Brodsky

We have officially delivered our petition to Ed Brodsky and Andrew Van Sickle of the 12th Judicial Circuit. They refused to meet with us in person, but news agencies filmed as I handed the 250,000+ signatures to the receptionist who agreed to deliver our message. The delivery location was the Manatee County Building at 1112 Manatee Ave W. Bradenton, FL 34206.

I cannot express how much gratitude I have for everyone who showed up. It was wonderful meeting you all as we delivered this monumental document. Thank you Stand Up Bark Back SRQ for your incredible skill in dealing with these situations, and for all the work you do. Thank you to all the media who came out today: ABC 7, SNN 6, Bay News 8, News Channel 8, Bradenton Herald, and more.

Thank you everyone who signed this document, shared articles, called the FWC, and kept this incident under public scrutiny. Our collective energy has broken through the intangible restraints of cyberspace and manifested into a force that cannot be denied. Full Story »

Downtown Bradenton Covers Up Confederate Monument

Manatee County Clerk of Circuit Court - Confederate Monument Covered Up

Modern art? Not really… behind these sheets of plywood lies a controversial Confederate monument at the Manatee County Clerk of Circuit Court. The monument was covered up in anticipation of a protest and rally. The employees even went home early today to avoid the whole fiasco… (that’s probably the best part of this whole story, everybody likes getting outta work early). Full Story »

Andrew Van Sickle assigned as prosecutor in the infamous ‘shark’ case

This is a huge breakthrough! Looks like all this internet attention is working! Great job everyone who kept the pressure on! It could very well be our actions that prevented this case from slipping through the cracks. Let’s keep up the amazing work, and focus on MTV’s Siesta Key show while our state departments unravel this case.


  • Numerous violations
  • Expect charges Mid-August
  • Number of witnesses have come forward
  • Witnesses will not be named for privacy reasons

BREAKING NEWS: Assistant State Attorney Andrew Van Sickle has been assigned to the ‘shark‘ case. He states that lots of violations have been uncovered and lots more are coming. They will have answers to whether charges will be filed mid August. See Video for breaking news… Full Story »

Statement from the FWC and Manatee County State Attorney’s Office


Official statement the FWC:

The FWC and the State Attorney’s Office would like to formally thank the many individuals that have provided information and expressed concern over the numerous videos and images that have been seen over social media involving individuals and wildlife. We share your concern, and we are committed to conserving Florida’s natural resources. FWC law enforcement investigators and State Attorneys are diligently working toward a swift and lawful resolution to this case. We appreciate Governor Scott’s leadership on this issue as well. These investigations are complex, and both the FWC and the State Attorney’s Office appreciate the public’s understanding and patience. We take these incidents seriously, and this investigation is moving forward. If anyone has additional information, images or videos that can provide more evidence regarding any of these incidents, please contact the FWC’s Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-3922 or [email protected]

Rob Klepper
Public Information Coordinator
Law Enforcement Division
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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Alex Kompothecras from MTV’s ‘Siesta Key’ Shoots a Hammerhead Shark


Authorities in Florida are investigating after footage emerges of a man laughing as he pumps bullet after bullet into a bleeding endangered animal. The bullets pierce the gills, and he is seen laughing as the shark dies a very slow and agonizing death.

The shooter in the video is wearing the same red “Make America Great Again” hat and long-sleeve gray shirt as photos posted on MTV’s Facebook page of Alex Kompothecras, posing with what appears to be a dead hammerhead shark.

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Let’s Make Florida Slightly Less Fucked Up

Let's Make Florida Slightly Less Fucked Up
“Let’s Make Florida Slightly Less Fucked Up.”

Dear Floridians (and everybody else),

Florida’s a fucked up place. From animal abusers to angry ex-cops to Zimmerman to horse fuckers, we have plenty of issues. WTF Florida is your source for these fucked up news articles, and we encourage hysterical laughter at the zany headlines coming out of the Gunshine State.

After the laughter comes tears. The victims of Florida’s insanity aren’t laughing (unless they’re truly demented, which happens sometimes). We have a responsibility to improve Florida as much as we can.

WTF Florida would like to state a new mission:

We are dedicated to becoming a Karma Neutral State.

We want Florida’s karmatic number to be perfectly balanced at zero. Laughing at other people’s misery brings negative karma. Doing fucked up shit brings negative karma. Helping people who have been fucked over by Florida’s insanity brings you positive karma. We are still going to make fun of everybody who shows up on this site, but we are also going to start getting more serious about fixing stupid shit.

From this point on, we will occasionally start petitions to bring about justice, and to fix things that are unfair or that defy morals. We encourage our readers to help, not only by signing and sharing these petitions, but to also create them yourselves and to contact your representatives when appropriate. Please contact us if you have an issue that is important to you.

Send us info about your non-profit group or activism group, and we will try to get you more views (if you don’t mind being associated with us). Use the Contact page and let us know what you’re about.

All big problems start small. You can make a difference today by doing little things. Give a homeless person a bottle of water. Ask a local school what supplies they need and gift them with what you can afford. Use your fucking turn signals. The list goes on.

Help us help our state.

Let’s work together for the greater good.

Let’s make Florida slightly less fucked up.



Boaters drag a tormented shark around while laughing


To keep the pressure on, we have decided to start a petition, demanding the perpetrators of this violent act serve jail time and pay 1000 hours of community service to Manatee County, under the supervision and coordination of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:

Sign this petition to put them at the mercy of the FWC.

Updates (latest on top):

Update September 26, 2017: A month after delivering our petition, we still haven’t received a single reply. No charges have been pressed.

Update August 2, 2017: The Twelfth Judicial Circuit Office of the State Attorney (Bradenton Office) told us that, YES, this is an ongoing investigation, and that the FWC is in fact working with them to build the case. Because it’s an ongoing investigation, they cannot release any details. We encourage our readers to continue being patient as this case develops.

The internet moves at light speed, while the law moves at a snail’s pace… this contrast is causing a palpable frustration. To be fair, the case only opened a week ago (July 26th, 2017). A week on the internet is like a year, and in that week’s time thousands have expressed their concern demanding that justice be served. A week in law is well… like a single second. This is still a very new case, and the FWC needs time to “mind their p’s and q’s” as they fill out paperwork and file an official indictment. If they present the case sloppily, it doesn’t stand a chance in court. As for now, the best way you can help is to email any evidence not yet circulating the net to [email protected]

Update August 4, 2017:

Statement from the FWC and Manatee County State Attorney’s Office

Update August 1, 2017:

We spoke to someone at the FWC and they told us they are building their case and gathering evidence. They are just as upset about this as us. While they cannot officially release the names, they do know who the perpetrators are. We will let everyone know as soon as the FWC indicts them, but please be patient until then.

Update July 31, 2017:

Some protests have interrupted MTV from filming ‘Siesta Key.’

Update July 30, 2017:

Still awaiting email replies from the FWC and Governor Rick Scott. So far neither have responded to us.

Scott did make a public statement about the incident, but no clear course of action was spoken of. He did indicate that some laws needed to adjusted when he wrote, “I know that FWC law enforcement works to protect all of Florida’s wildlife and we need to make certain they have the tools to ensure Florida has the best fisheries in the world.”

Update July 28, 2017:

Gov. Rick Scott sent a letter to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Friday saying he wants to make sure the state’s fishing regulations and statutes strictly prohibited “such inhumane acts.” (

UPDATE: We were pretty excited to find out that our petition made it to over 2,000 signatures already… especially since we found out via the Miami Herald! Let’s keep circulating this. Thank you everyone who shared and signed. UPDATE: The New York Post also provided a link to our petition on their article. Over 7,500 people have signed so far. UPDATE: Whoah! We got over 25,000 signatures now! UPDATE: 44,136 supporters and rising!!!

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Snooty, the world’s oldest captive manatee, dies in Florida at 69 years old


(CNN) The world’s oldest-known manatee in captivity, Snooty, has died in a tragic accident, the South Florida Museum says.

The beloved marine animal was found dead during a check of his enclosure Sunday morning, the museum said.

“Snooty was found in an underwater area only used to access plumbing for the exhibit life support system. Early indications are that a panel that is kept bolted shut had somehow been dislodged and that Snooty was able to swim in,” the museum said in a statement. Full Story »

Floridians For Freedom


Only the “Right Of Adults To Cannabis” amendment can secure your RIGHT to possess, cultivate, and use cannabis in a manner similar to your 2nd amendment right to “keep and bear arms” … think about that for a minute.

Whether you agree or disagree with Americans right to gun ownership, the strength of this protected right is clear and viewed my many as absolute. Floridians For Freedom​ believes adults right to whole plant cannabis should be comparable and hopes you agree. Full Story »

Bradenton Heroin Dealer Arrested

joshua smith

BRADENTON, FL — A 37-year-old man on probation after previous heroin-related arrests faces new charges after Manatee County deputies say he violated the terms of his agreement with the court. Complicating matters, authorities say they found drugs in his possession at the time of his arrest. Full Story »

Florida Man Puts Mouse Trap In Mailbox To Catch Thief – Catches Postal Worker Instead


Convinced that one of his neighbors was stealing items from his mailbox, Nicholas Dibble hatched a plot to literally catch the thief red-handed.

Dibble, a 63-year-old Floridian, suspected that his mail was swiped as retaliation by neighbors upset that he had called police about criminal activity in his Bradenton neighborhood. In an interview, Dibble referred to “the drug dealer across the street” and a woman who runs a “house of prostitution next door.”

Dibble, who is disabled, told TSG he has lived in the neighborhood for 25 years, adding that he worked nearly 40 years as a meat cutter for the Publix supermarket chain. Full Story »

Palmetto man kills girlfriend’s rabbits and continues abuse

Bradenton — A Palmetto man convicted in 2014 of animal cruelty and battery after he killed his girlfriend’s pet rabbits — to demonstrate what he wanted to do to her after pushing her and threatening to kill her — has been found in violation of probation after being charged with abusing the same girlfriend.

Francisco Velasquez was found in violation of his probation for his felony animal cruelty convictions, according to a court order issued by Circuit Judge Susan Maulucci. Now Velasquez is facing five years in prison.

On Oct. 21, 2013, Velasquez got into an argument when he began cursing at her, pushed her and threatened to kill her and snap her neck.

But then Velasquez walked over to her pet rabbits’ cage, opened it and took out one of the rabbits. He beat the rabbit with his fist until it was dead, dropped it on the ground and took out the other rabbit and did the same. Full Story »