Florida Man Sloppily Parks in Handicap Spot, Jumps Into Giant Truck

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Sarasota (WTFF) – A man was caught on video jumping into his oversized pickup truck that was illegally parked in a handicap spot at the McDonalds on Fruitville Rd.

A handicap placard or plate was not seen anywhere on the vehicle. The video shows a perfectly able-bodied man jumping into his truck.

As if his illegal parking choice wasn’t exemplary enough of his laziness, he couldn’t even manage to park between the lines.

His great emergency? He just wanted to order some GMO “food” and selfishly decided that his immediate hungriness was more important than people who actually might need that spot. A user on Facebook posted several pictures, which can be found here:

This all took place at the McDonalds at

Florida has more retirees than any other state in the country. Some of them have difficulty walking and have a legitimate need to park in these reserved spaces.

We had originally posted an unconfirmed account of someone claiming to know where this Florida Man worked. The accused sent our staff an email claiming that it wasn’t him, and that it wasn’t his truck. We gave him the benefit of the doubt for now as we do more research, and have edited out those details.

Someone left a Google review saying that he’s been abusing his old handicap placard for a while now, even going as far as pulling out an old pair crutches when the cops were called on him for it. The business owner responded to the review by threatening to sue the lady for slander.

The email asking us to remove the business name was probably B.S. but we will play nice. If anyone can confirm the owner of this truck, please let us know so we can set the record straight.

We may never know the truth. All we do know is that Florida Man really sucks at parking, and that handicap spots should be reserved for people who truly need them.

Florida has more old people than any other state. Any one of them would be far more worthy recipient of this spot than a young man who can obviously walk. Unless he has a heart condition or something, then we apologize. Until then, you’re a shitty parker, Florida Man.


Florida Man Says Hidden Cameras in His Airbnb Were for Sex Parties, Not Spying

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There’s a seemingly infinite well of horror stories about Airbnb hosts returning home to find their houses robbed, trashed, or turned into impromptu brothels. But it turns out things can get pretty weird for Airbnb guests, too. An Indiana couple on vacation in Florida was horrified earlier this week when they discovered a hidden camera inside the bedroom of their Airbnb, ABC reports.
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Letter to State Attorney: Shark Dragging Incident


A formal decision from the 12th Judicial Circuit State Attorney is expected by mid-August as publicly announced by assigned Assistant State Attorney Andrew Van Sickle to the shark dragging incident. But still NOTHING has been done. Four men allegedy dragged a shark going at super high speeds while the still-live black tip sharks body was beating against the unforgiving waves. This story has gone viral in numerous media outlet all around the globe. A few of these animal abusers doing this sick shit for mere entertainment have had a history of wildlife and animal abuse. Yet they are still not locked up, fined, or prosecuted. It is time to demand justice once again as our peaceful weapon is information. We want answers as a community. We want answers now!!!

Below are four Letters addressed to our State Attorney by county. PLEASE PRINT AND MAIL TO THE CORRESPONDING ADDRESS. (You can also copy and paste this letter and email it using the link below)

EMAIL: (www.sao12.org/about-us/email-the-state-attorney). On the email form, for the Case No., trying using the FWC’s case number FWSW17OFF012872, given to us in an email.





Thank you to a fellow animal advocate who penned the above letters. I will keep her anonymous as per request. However, please do modify and personalize as you wish. Thank you warriors!

Deliver the Shark Petition

Join us Monday, August 21 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Manatee County Building Department to deliver our petition.

We will be gathering in the courtyard facing the building. Come any time you can, even it’s just on your lunch break.

We plan to officially deliver the protest at NOON, 12:00 PM. Thank you so much to everyone who has shown their support… we need you more than ever right now. Please come out and take a stand for justice.

Please bring your signs, and a positive attitude.

GPS Address:

1112 Manatee Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34205

Register for the event on our Facebook Event page.

We may have cameras there for video interviews, so let us know if you’d like to speak your mind.

This is a non-violent protest. No weapons. Do not block traffic. Do not brings signs with sticks. Do not harass the office workers. We are simply here to let the FWC and the 12th Judicial Court know that the public is watching this case very closely, and that we expect these men to be charged for their animal abuse crimes.

Please bring bottles of water, and snack food for everyone. Wear large brimmed hats (it will be hot).

Google Maps: