Traditional Rivals

Once there was a fabulous treasure sunk off the coast of the United States, but no one would attempt to retrieve it because of the number of sharks around. One man, however, finally swam out to it without a shark so much as nibbling at him.

When he came ashore, everyone asked how he did it.

“Well,” he drawled, “you see, it’s real simple. I have tattooed across my chest ‘California is better than Florida,’ and no shark would swallow that!”

Rednecks go Shark Fishin’ Using a Fat Belly as Bait

Man bitten by nurse shark

Rednecks Go Shark Fishin’ Using a Fat Belly

If only we could train nurse sharks to bite dicks off, we could help control our Florida Man epidemic. This little fella made a brave attempt at vasectomizing one of these creatures, but was killed in the process.

Posted by WTF Florida? on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

So, a Clay County man went to the Keys and somehow managed to get a nurse shark attached to his body.

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Andrew Van Sickle assigned as prosecutor in the infamous ‘shark’ case

This is a huge breakthrough! Looks like all this internet attention is working! Great job everyone who kept the pressure on! It could very well be our actions that prevented this case from slipping through the cracks. Let’s keep up the amazing work, and focus on MTV’s Siesta Key show while our state departments unravel this case.


  • Numerous violations
  • Expect charges Mid-August
  • Number of witnesses have come forward
  • Witnesses will not be named for privacy reasons

BREAKING NEWS: Assistant State Attorney Andrew Van Sickle has been assigned to the ‘shark‘ case. He states that lots of violations have been uncovered and lots more are coming. They will have answers to whether charges will be filed mid August. See Video for breaking news… Full Story »

Meet “Joey,” Siesta Key’s New Resident!

Siesta Key

Dear audience,

MTV here. Viacom stopped giving us money after the whole shark thing (who knew Florida idiots were so sensitive about animals, eh) but us folks here at MTV don’t give up easily. With our budget cuts, we had to lose our old staff… but that doesn’t mean we’re going away! We are proud to present JOEY! The charismatic young man moving into Siesta Key and making it famous. You can thank us later.


MTV a..k.a. Viacom

Statement from the FWC and Manatee County State Attorney’s Office


Official statement the FWC:

The FWC and the State Attorney’s Office would like to formally thank the many individuals that have provided information and expressed concern over the numerous videos and images that have been seen over social media involving individuals and wildlife. We share your concern, and we are committed to conserving Florida’s natural resources. FWC law enforcement investigators and State Attorneys are diligently working toward a swift and lawful resolution to this case. We appreciate Governor Scott’s leadership on this issue as well. These investigations are complex, and both the FWC and the State Attorney’s Office appreciate the public’s understanding and patience. We take these incidents seriously, and this investigation is moving forward. If anyone has additional information, images or videos that can provide more evidence regarding any of these incidents, please contact the FWC’s Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-3922 or [email protected]

Rob Klepper
Public Information Coordinator
Law Enforcement Division
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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Boycott Siesta Key MTV

Siesta Key Show MTV

Look, Florida’s f*cked up enough from all these outsiders coming here and desecrating our beautiful state. We don’t need any more visitors… and certainly not more privileged, sexist, racist, spoiled brats who torture animals. Share these photos, and keep the pressure on. One of the guys on the show (the producer’s son) is friend’s with Michael Wenzel, the infamous animal torturer, and was allegedly on the boat filming the incident. He issued a public “apology,” which means nothing really. F*ck MTV and f*ck their stupid show. Let’s not turn the beautiful Siesta Key into another garbage Jersey Shore. Full Story »

Alex Kompothecras from MTV’s ‘Siesta Key’ Shoots a Hammerhead Shark


Authorities in Florida are investigating after footage emerges of a man laughing as he pumps bullet after bullet into a bleeding endangered animal. The bullets pierce the gills, and he is seen laughing as the shark dies a very slow and agonizing death.

The shooter in the video is wearing the same red “Make America Great Again” hat and long-sleeve gray shirt as photos posted on MTV’s Facebook page of Alex Kompothecras, posing with what appears to be a dead hammerhead shark.

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‘Siesta Key’ red-carpet event canceled; protest was in works


The sons of prominent Floridians who tortured a sea animal on video are still evading charges. The FWC has failed to indict them, and has not responded to our open letter asking why. Meanwhile, as our petition grows online, the awesome people of Sarasota showed support in person. WTF Florida and 50,000+ other people say thank you.


Michael Wenzel’s father is Robert Wenzel, the Manatee County planning section manager.

Robert Lee “Bo” Benac’s mother, Betsy, is chairwoman of the Manatee County Commission.

These two have been publishing photos of themselves torturing animals for many years. They have not yet been charged.

Until further evidence is supplied by means of an arrest, we can convincingly believe that this legal standoff is due to crooked persuasion and political favoritism. Full Story »

Open Letter to the FWC


UPDATE 8/2/17: The FWC has responded to our Facebook post with this message:

Hi WTF Florida and other citizens: We appreciate and understand your concern for our state’s precious natural resources. We’ve been inundated with comments and messages and we want to thank you for your patience as we continue to respond to public inquiries. The agency continues to take this matter very seriously as the lack of respect displayed for our natural resources is disheartening and disturbing. The investigation of the shark dragging incident is active and our officers are working diligently to reach a lawful resolution in this case. While the investigation is ongoing, we will not be providing additional details about the status. We thank you for your commitment to our state’s fish and wildlife and will kep the pubic informed as the investigation continues. Here is a statement from FWC Chairman Brian Yablonski:

“I, my fellow Commissioners, and the men and women of the FWC, who are dedicated to conserving Florida’s precious natural resources for future generations, could not agree more with Governor Scott’s powerful words. Each and every member of our agency is disgusted by the behavior shown in the video. FWC Division of Law Enforcement investigators are working diligently to come to a lawful resolution in this case. Florida is a sportsman’s destination and there is no place in Florida for these kinds of callous acts. We are eager to move forward with the Governor’s suggestion to review and strengthen regulations as necessary to help deter this type of behavior in the future. These individuals do not represent the sentiments and conscientious actions of millions of conservation-minded anglers around the world.”

-Chairman Brian Yablonski, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

UPDATE 8/1/17: We spoke to the public information officer about this, and he assured us that FWC staff is just as disgusted by this video as the public, and that they are still gathering evidence.

Let’s have some faith and consider the FWC our ally in this ordeal. Please send any evidence you may have to [email protected]

Please don’t blow up their phones or send them constant emails… that will only impede the investigation and waste everyone’s time. As a self-appointed public watchdog over this matter, we will shift focus to whatever needs to be done to seek justice. At this point, we are standing by the FWC in their efforts to gather evidence and eventually indict these men. We understand how frustrating the wait is, but we must remember that the law moves at a snail’s pace, while the internet moves at light speed. You may email us at [email protected] if you have any comments or questions that could help our cause.

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Boaters drag a tormented shark around while laughing


To keep the pressure on, we have decided to start a petition, demanding the perpetrators of this violent act serve jail time and pay 1000 hours of community service to Manatee County, under the supervision and coordination of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:

Sign this petition to put them at the mercy of the FWC.

Updates (latest on top):

Update September 26, 2017: A month after delivering our petition, we still haven’t received a single reply. No charges have been pressed.

Update August 2, 2017: The Twelfth Judicial Circuit Office of the State Attorney (Bradenton Office) told us that, YES, this is an ongoing investigation, and that the FWC is in fact working with them to build the case. Because it’s an ongoing investigation, they cannot release any details. We encourage our readers to continue being patient as this case develops.

The internet moves at light speed, while the law moves at a snail’s pace… this contrast is causing a palpable frustration. To be fair, the case only opened a week ago (July 26th, 2017). A week on the internet is like a year, and in that week’s time thousands have expressed their concern demanding that justice be served. A week in law is well… like a single second. This is still a very new case, and the FWC needs time to “mind their p’s and q’s” as they fill out paperwork and file an official indictment. If they present the case sloppily, it doesn’t stand a chance in court. As for now, the best way you can help is to email any evidence not yet circulating the net to [email protected]

Update August 4, 2017:

Statement from the FWC and Manatee County State Attorney’s Office

Update August 1, 2017:

We spoke to someone at the FWC and they told us they are building their case and gathering evidence. They are just as upset about this as us. While they cannot officially release the names, they do know who the perpetrators are. We will let everyone know as soon as the FWC indicts them, but please be patient until then.

Update July 31, 2017:

Some protests have interrupted MTV from filming ‘Siesta Key.’

Update July 30, 2017:

Still awaiting email replies from the FWC and Governor Rick Scott. So far neither have responded to us.

Scott did make a public statement about the incident, but no clear course of action was spoken of. He did indicate that some laws needed to adjusted when he wrote, “I know that FWC law enforcement works to protect all of Florida’s wildlife and we need to make certain they have the tools to ensure Florida has the best fisheries in the world.”

Update July 28, 2017:

Gov. Rick Scott sent a letter to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Friday saying he wants to make sure the state’s fishing regulations and statutes strictly prohibited “such inhumane acts.” (

UPDATE: We were pretty excited to find out that our petition made it to over 2,000 signatures already… especially since we found out via the Miami Herald! Let’s keep circulating this. Thank you everyone who shared and signed. UPDATE: The New York Post also provided a link to our petition on their article. Over 7,500 people have signed so far. UPDATE: Whoah! We got over 25,000 signatures now! UPDATE: 44,136 supporters and rising!!!

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Shark chomps off Florida Man’s legs at nude beach

Bull shark

A man trying to get out of the ocean at Haulover Beach in Florida was bitten on both legs by a shark, according to local reports.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Ocean Rescue officials urged swimmers to exit the water Sunday afternoon after a shark was spotted lurking in the area, the Sun Sentinel reported. The unidentified man was in the process of exiting the water when he was bitten, the Sun Sentinel reported. Full Story »