Flo Rida

One of our readers asked several important questions about WTF Florida:

“Hey you know how you guys are in Florida and there’s that one guy called Flo Rida? Are you both related? Am I racist for asking?”

Here is our answer:

We’re all related, in some abstract way. But no, he’s not an official sponsor. Though he do rep Florida. It’s not racist to ask. Floridians love everybody and ask questions out of innocence. Full Story »

Emma Gonzalez

Meet the Queen of WTF Florida.

The one who triggered all the radical gun nuts.

The high school student who made grown men quiver in fear and retaliate with threats, conspiracies, and insults.

The one who made so-called “patriots” ridicule survivors for doing their American duty of fighting for civility and humanity by exercising their First Amendment rights.

The one who stood up against crooked politicians and called BS on the hypocrites, saying “Never Again.”

The one who allowed good gun owners to differentiate themselves from the angry, trigger-happy imbeciles who gleefully suck on mainstream fear-mongering propaganda.

The high school student from Florida who has more class and leadership skills than our current politicians.

The legend.

Emma Gonzalez. Full Story »

Floridian Stands His Ground Against Armed Burglars in Jacksonville


Jacksonville (WTFF) – A Floridian was able to defend himself during an armed home invasion by pulling out his own guns and shooting at the intruders.

“They messed with the wrong house,” said the homeowner to Action News Jax, wearing a menacing eye patch and all black attire.

The two men put a gun to his face and forced him inside his living room.

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