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Emma Gonzalez

Feb 18, 2018; Parkland, FL, USA; Emma Gonz·lez, 18, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School poses for a photo at North Community Park. Gonz·lez became a viral sensation after videos of her impassioned speech at an anti-gun rally in Fort Lauderdale flooded social media. Now, she is helping to lead the #NeverAgain movement with her fellow classmates. "Itís funny. I didnít even have a Twitter account before two hours ago and it was trending on Twitter all day yesterday," Gonz·lez said. "I have become somewhat of a spokesperson for this, but weíre all saying the same thing. That's why we teamed up together like this because we know each other, we love each other very much and we all agree on the same stuff. Weíre happy that all of us are still alive and weíre gonna make sure it stays that way for the people in our neighboring communities. For our neighbors, our cousins, this generation, not the next generation because the next generation will never have to worry about this because of us." Mandatory Credit: Nicole Raucheisen/Naples Daily News via USA TODAY NETWORK/Sipa USA

Meet the Queen of WTF Florida.

The one who triggered all the radical gun nuts.

The high school student who made grown men quiver in fear and retaliate with threats, conspiracies, and insults.

The one who made so-called “patriots” ridicule survivors for doing their American duty of fighting for civility and humanity by exercising their First Amendment rights.

The one who stood up against crooked politicians and called BS on the hypocrites, saying “Never Again.”

The one who allowed good gun owners to differentiate themselves from the angry, trigger-happy imbeciles who gleefully suck on mainstream fear-mongering propaganda.

The high school student from Florida who has more class and leadership skills than our current politicians.

The legend.

Emma Gonzalez.

Regardless of where you stand in the arguments around gun policy, ad hominem attacks on school children is a losing battle.

As Tim Elfrink said: “It is entirely possible to disagree with the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High students behind the #NeverAgain movement and the March for Our Lives without making a total clown out of yourself.”

WTF Florida is a proud supporter of gun rights, even for the “big scary” ones like the AR-15. But if you radical gun nuts don’t show a little constraint and intelligence, this movement might really end with your doomsday scenario of having most of your gun rights revoked. That ruins it for all of us, especially the decent gun owners.

If you stay calm and prove to the civilized world that you’re rational, it will end well for all of us, both responsible gun owners and people who are afraid of guns.

There is propaganda on both sides. Anti-gun propaganda often paints all gun owners as irresponsible child killers, which is wrong. Pro-gun propaganda often paints all gun owners are reasonable people who never make mistakes, which is wrong.

The truth is always in the middle, and often boring.

Good gun owners have nothing to fear when discussing policy change. We all want to keep guns out of the hands of obviously deranged people. We want more thorough background checks. We want common sense.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act is a start, but it’s certainly flawed.

An 18-year-old can now no longer own a gun to protect themselves, but they can sign up to join the military and shoot people so others can profit (oil tycoons, gun manufacturers, war profiteers, etc.)

Teachers can now carry guns into school, playing into our laughable “Gunshine State” stereotype. One Parkland teacher who offered to carry in the classroom accidentally left his loaded gun in a public bathroom at the beach. Some Florida Man picked it up and shot a wall.

On the good side of the bill, the Risk Protection Order Act allows a court to petition to seize weapons from dangerous people like this idiot in The Panhandle who made threats to kill police, fired AR-15s in his backyard, wanted to rob a bank, and suffers from psychosis, and this Bakery County man who made threats online. Obviously these are clear cut cases of people who absolutely should not have access to firearms. We will keep our eyes on the RPO acts to make sure that this law is not abused.

WTFF will fight for both sides. We love our good gun nuts: the ones who keep their guns safely stored, practice good trigger discipline, and don’t shoot people in road rage incidents. We love our policy change pushers: the ones who are taking a stand against greedy gun lobbyists, who want mentally incompetent people to never have easy access to weapons, and who want sensible gun policy that closes loopholes allowing criminals and dangerous people to easily buy guns at gun shows and on the street.

It’s wise to be both pro-gun and pro-gun-control, as everything in life is a balance.

For the molon labe folks who adhere to all gun safety rules, we salute you and support the Second Amendment.

For those pushing for sensible gun policy, we salute you and support the First Amendment.

Together we are great.

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5 years ago

I would totally do her, as long as she doesn’t talk!

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