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Trump Supporter Uses David Hogg’s Head as Target Practice

Frank Espinoza uploaded a video of himself shooting a picture of Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg.

His @MagaFrank2 Twitter account was suspended, but someone saved a copy of the video, which you can watch below:

In the video he says:

“I got a message for David Hogg and bitch ass CNN. You wanna push society towards a civil war? You wanna make us all fight? You wanna know what a civil war looks like? I’m going to show you what a civil war’s gonna look like.”

Wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, he then fires a rifle at the picture of David’s head.

After his “LAWereWolf” Twitter account got suspended, Frank Espinoza started a Patreon page. He has already found 46 patrons supporting his hateful and violent rhetoric. Espinoza aspires to create the “worst channel on YouTube” and calls himself a “Right Millennial.” UPDATE 22 April, 2018: The Patreon page has since been removed.

Another Twitter user saved screenshots of his original posts, which can be seen below:

Tampa resident Frank Castillo replied to the post:

Conservative media has been ramping up their efforts to ridicule and terrorize the survivors of the tragic Parkland shooting, as WokeSloth reports.

We must remember that hatred can never be destroyed with hatred. Don’t let people like Frank Espinoza not divide us over stupid banter. Florida has a lot of good people, some with guns, some without. Don’t let the media and the mentally ill influence our thoughts too much. Some people are simply afflicted by hate or ignorance, and lash out in different ways. Please stay mindful and know that the truth will be revealed in the end, and spoken quietly.

Ignore the trolls. Pity the obsolete. Don’t let any act of depravity make you lose your humanity.

Be kind to each other. Go forth and do great things. #FloridaStrong

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6 years ago

Hey Frank Espinoza here the shooter. Just wanted to ask why am I deleted off Twitter, but Kathy Griffin keeps her blue checkmark? Is she a Troll for beheading the President, probably not, but remember I proved the bias in these social media platforms. GG

4 years ago

“He’s a survivor”

Yeah, just like every other student there and not just Hoggwash’s posse.


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6 years ago

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Jenny Peacock, Mother, Concerned Human
Jenny Peacock, Mother, Concerned Human
6 years ago

I understand free speech but this is really sick. To do this to a child’s picture that just went thru a terrible event is wrong.
There is no reason for adults with any kind of respect for human life to act like this. I hope he has no children and that he can’t pass this horrific behavior on to another generation. Unfortunately his parents did not know about birth control.