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Floridian Stands His Ground Against Armed Burglars in Jacksonville


Jacksonville (WTFF) – A Floridian was able to defend himself during an armed home invasion by pulling out his own guns and shooting at the intruders.

“They messed with the wrong house,” said the homeowner to Action News Jax, wearing a menacing eye patch and all black attire.

The two men put a gun to his face and forced him inside his living room.

He first pulled out a .380 from his pocket and shot one of the invaders. Then he found his Glock and told the suspects, “I have a big gun now.”

The two thieves ran away, jumping out of the 2nd story of his home like the cowards they are.

A Good Samaritan found one of the robbers bloodied up and tried to help him, not knowing what had happened: “I was trying to tell him to stay still because of the shrapnel in him but he didn’t listen very well.” That suspect was taken to the hospital.

Jacksonville sheriff’s are still searching for the other suspect.

The 2nd Amendment

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