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Flo Rida

One of our readers asked several important questions about WTF Florida:

“Hey you know how you guys are in Florida and there’s that one guy called Flo Rida? Are you both related? Am I racist for asking?”

Here is our answer:

We’re all related, in some abstract way. But no, he’s not an official sponsor. Though he do rep Florida. It’s not racist to ask. Floridians love everybody and ask questions out of innocence.

Since we are literally Florida, everyone who is born here is related to us. Guess that makes him like our son or something. Feel free to ask any questions about Florida and we will be happy to answer here on our website. Facebook gave us the boot again for shit-posting, so don’t expect a reply on there. Find us on Mastodon if you want social media.

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Flo Rida

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