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Still banned, can’t reply to Facebook messages or make any posts.

We started an account on a Mastodon instance:


You can sign up to any federated instance to interact. It’s like Twitter but without all the data harvesting and bullshit. Find a big list here: https://instances.social/

Mastodon.social seems to have the most users, but you can communicate among most of the instances: https://mastodon.social

There’s also one instance specifically for sex work. The Florida Party applauds such bravery. Maybe one day humans will just be honest about their carnal desires, and law enforcement can spend more time on important things. Human trafficking is enabled by our current restrictive laws. Prostitution gets pushed underground where often the profiteers are crude and horrific, and the victims are underage and enslaved.

Sex work puts the power back into the hands of the sex worker. They become entrepreneurs answering to a pulsating need that exists in many if not all of us. Switter.at demands that everyone involved is 18+. No pimps. No dark streets. This is technology and intelligence working honestly and freely towards a safer and more tolerant future.

If you prefer the Facebook look and style, you could try diaspora instead:

[email protected]

Either way, start exploring other options. Facebook has become a monster. Yes it makes everything easy and all your family and friends are on it, but that only makes it more of a monster.

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