The War on Drugs

It’s almost like the “War On Drugs” is a complete failure that weaponized the police against American citizens, enabled drug smugglers to build empires that fund actual crime like human trafficking, took away our individual freedom of choice, increased the amount of overdoses and deaths due to unregulated product strength and content, allowed pharmaceutical companies […] »

Marijuana Laws

The Nixon administration created the war on drugs to “criminalize” peaceful black people and hippies. It was never about keeping people safe. We need to free all the prisoners who are suffering from the cruel remnants of these unconstitutional and unscientific marijuana laws. »


Now y’all Florida Crackers know how the hood feels. It’s not fun when the government singles out something you enjoy and makes it illegal, is it? It’s not fair when your hobbies are painted as violent and dangerous, is it? Harry Anslinger started the war on weed by convincing many gullible, racist fucks that it […] »