Florida Man loses 2-year-old while playing fantasy football

babysitter fantasy football
Not everyone is cut out for babysitting. Take Holiday, Florida man Jesus Martinez for an example. He’s 27 years old, and like most people who have no real talent or interesting hobbies, he plays fantasy football to numb his miserable existence and fill his brain with irrelevant distractions. While thumbing away mindlessly at his draft […] »

Florida dad threatens to blow up school in Chipley

Jonathan Allen
CHIPLEY – Imagine you’re at Kate Smith Elementary school waiting to pick up your kid, only to find that you’re not authorized… Jonathan Allen, 32, had this experience on August 28, after his estranged wife removed him from the list of persons authorized to pick up the child from school. Years of Florida sun have […] »

Florida Woman caught snorting cocaine in parent pick-up line

Christina Hester
  An officer caught a woman in a Lee County school parent pick-up line snorting cocaine off her iPhone. The report states the school resource officer at Lexington Middle School spotted Christina Hester, 39, through a second-floor window chopping a white substance on her phone. The officer said he saw Hester use a straw to […] »