Florida Man Rigs Door in Attempt to Electrocute Wife

Palm Coast (Flagler County Sheriff’s Office) – Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies responded to 110 White Hall Drive in Palm Coast on December 26 to conduct a security check of the property after the homeowner contacted authorities about suspicious statements made by his son-in-law regarding not letting a child touch the front door of the home. Full Story »

Florida Man Punches Girlfriend over Missing Cookie

Port St. Lucie (WTFF) – A man was arrested after punching his girlfriend for allegedly eating the last cookie.

Last Thursday, 31-year-old Richard Hessic was hanging out with his girlfriend of three years. Like most most people who get sick of seeing each other all the time, they were arguing. This time the argument was about a cookie. Full Story »

Florida Woman Bites Husband for Changing Password

Brevard County woman bites husband after he changed their computer password at their Palm Bay home. (Photo: Brevard County Jail)
Brevard County woman bites husband after he changed their computer password at their Palm Bay home. (Photo: Brevard County Jail)

Palm Bay (WTFF) – A woman was arrested after she bit her husband for changing their computer password.

Mary Jo King, who is supposedly only 53 (maybe in dog years), got into a verbal argument after her husband changed the password to their computer.
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Florida Man Cuts Girlfriend with Her Dead Mom’s Urn

Rupp, Chad

Weapons come in all forms. Sometimes, our people get very creative and expand from the standard repertoire of guns and machetes.

Chad Rupp is a 26-year-old Florida Man who lives in Key West. On Wednesday night, he earned his awful wings and ended up on our site for weaponizing a sacred object.

Him and his girlfriend were out on a nice date at Burger King, when they got into an argument in the parking lot. Full Story »

Florida Woman stabs her electrocuted boyfriend, tells cops a ‘black man with a mohawk’ did it

Christina Ann MacCornack and Christopher Thomas Jacobs
Christina Ann MacCornack and Christopher Thomas Jacobs

The lives of Florida Couples remain a mystery to many. They are reclusive creatures who only venture out late at night to party, and are rarely seen in broad daylight.

Thanks to the blunders of an Avon Park duo, we have yet another narrative of what really happens inside these Florida Couple habitats.

It all started on a Sunday evening, August 27th, when Christopher Thomas Jacobs, a Florida Man, tried changing a light bulb.

Because he’s from Florida, that very simple task of changing a light bulb resulted in him getting electrocuted.

He survived and went to the hospital.

This near-death experience didn’t stop his Florida Woman girlfriend, Christina Ann MacCornack, from arguing with him. Upon his return from the hospital that night, the couple continued arguing about drugs. Full Story »

77-year-old Pinellas Man douses girlfriend in lube for denying him sex


A 77-year-old Florida man doused his girlfriend in “sex lube,” after she denied his sexual advances.

Police arrived at their Clearwater apartment Friday night, and found his 72-year-old girlfriend locked outside.

Roger Archambault denied locking the woman outside, and denied having anything to do with the bruises on her body…

Earlier that day, a police report says that they were in a verbal altercation.

Allegedly, Roger got upset and kicked her in the butt while grabbing her hand. Couples in the Tampa Bay tend to behave like this in order to show their love to one another, these types of things are often seen as romantic gestures in certain contexts… not for these two.

The victim said that she was too scared to call the police at that time.

Some time passed. Around 11:00 PM, Roger’s fate decided to up the ante, and go from “jackass woman abuser” to classic “Florida Man.” Full Story »

Florida Man Set Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend On Fire In Front Of Her 2 Young Kids

Noel Grullon

Police in Hialeah, Florida are searching for a 32-year-old man who they say doused his pregnant ex-girlfriend in gasoline before setting her on fire in front of her two young children.

Noel Grullon, who also goes by the name Noel Castro, got into an argument with Allyson Rivera at her house early Thursday morning, police said. Rivera, 27, and Grullon had broken up the night before after dating for six months. She is pregnant with Grullon’s child.

According to CBS Miami, the pair were fighting over cigarettes when Grullon allegedly poured gasoline on Rivera and lit her on fire. Rivera’s children, a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old from a previous relationship, witnessed the entire attack, said police. Full Story »