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Florida Man, High on Meth, Stabs Mattress in Jealous Fit

Felipe Oquendo

Fort Walton Beach (WTFF) – A meth smoking Florida man was arrested after reportedly stabbing a mattress.

37-year old Felipe Oquendo was charged with domestic violence related false imprisonment and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to a press release by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

The madness started early Friday, when Oquendo “attacked a bedroom mattress with a bed post and his bare hands, believing a man was hiding inside it.”

Officers arrived to the home on Willow Bend around 1:10 in the morning after his girlfriend called 911.

She was trapped in the in bedroom by the jealous Oquendo, who accused her of “cheating on him with a man in the mattress”.

Police say: “He had locked the bedroom door and would not allow his girlfriend to leave, but while he was moving the mattress around she was able to unlock the door.”

In his jealous rage, he “stabbed the mattress with a bedpost, then ripped it apart with his hands.”

Oquendo told deputies that “he was fighting the man in the mattress, holding him down when they arrived, but the man then slipped out and left.”

The Florida man also said that “he had been smoking methamphetamine.”

His girlfriend was not injured.

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