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North Florida Man Hits Pregnant Girlfriend With Bag of Chips over Baby Daddy Drama

Rusty Beatty, Florida Man

Milton (WTFF) – A Florida man was arrested after reportedly hitting his pregnant girlfriend in the face with a bag of tortilla chips after finding out the baby might not be his.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s office responded to a disturbance at a home on Pinto Avenue in Milton just before 2 in the morning on Tuesday, reports the Pensacola News Journal.

They say 30-year-old Rusty Beatty got into an argument with his live-in girlfriend after she told him the 4-month-old baby in her belly might not be his.

She told the cops he hit her in the face three times with a bag of tortilla chips, then pushed her against a wall and punched her daughter in the face.

Rusty Beatty told the cops that he was “attacked by everyone in the house,” and hit in the face with a “box fan.”

He only had a couple scratches on his face, sheriffs say.

The North Florida man was charged with a misdemeanor count of battery, and felony counts of aggravated battery of a pregnant victim and probation violation.

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5 years ago

Alcohol may have been involved in this incident.