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Drunk Florida Woman Attacks Boyfriend over Super Bowl Argument

Cheryl Merrill

Ponte Vedra Beach (WTFF) – A woman was arrested after injuring her boyfriend during an argument about who would win the Super Bowl.

60-year-old Cheryl Merrill threw a piece of furniture at him, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office through actionnewsjax.com. The article didn’t say who called the cops, but this all happened in a cul-de-sac, so we’re assuming it was a neighbor who was alarmed by the commotion. Florida couples beat each other up all the time to settle arguments, this is normal.

It happened around 7pm Sunday, just after the kickoff. Predictably, she started raging and arguing, fueled by both alcohol and the mysterious Florida ether that compels people to do crazy things and end up on our site.

She picked up a wooden shelf and threw it at her boyfriend, Florida Man.

They’ve been dating five years.

He was #FloridaStrong and only ended up with a swollen hand. Taking the cheaper way out, he refused overpriced medical treatment, even though he couldn’t even sign the affidavit because of his injury.

When deputies first arrived, they noticed that she was “extremely intoxicated,” as most Florida couples are, especially during big sportsing stuff.

Then she tried running away.

She got into her car and started the engine and had to be removed with force. Because of her white female privilege, she was not charged with fleeing an officer or resisting arrest, and she was not gunned down. Lucky her.

Instead, they just charged her with aggravated battery and put her in the St. Johns County Jail on $6,000 bond.

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