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Naked Florida Woman Busts Up Her Boyfriend’s Home

Jenny Calvert, Florida Woman

Minneola (WTFF) – A Florida woman was arrested after busting windows and damaging property in her boyfriend’s home, while naked, of course.

Her boyfriend was seen running “frantically” from his home on Willow Street on Wednesday around 2:43 p.m., according to the arrest affidavit. He told the arriving sheriff that his live-in girlfriend was “walking around the residence naked and breaking several windows and hitting the residence ceiling.”

The sheriff went inside and told her to stop breaking stuff.

“Put some clothes on.”

She did.

Reportedly, the boyfriend came home around 2:30 and found her lying naked on his bed, “rambling words and making no sense.”

She clutched her boyfriend’s cell phone and refused to give it to him. In return, he grabbed her cell phone and held it hostage. She threw the phone on the floor and grabbed a piece of wood board that just happened to be there.

Whack! The board hit the Florida man in the back of the head, leaving a small bump. She hit him twice before he managed to wrestle the wood away.

Jenny Calvert was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery (Domestic), and Violation of No Victim Contact Order.

The boyfriend had an “active no contact order” against his girlfriend, which earned her the latter charge.

It wasn’t clear from the report why someone who had an active restraining order against his girlfriend was letting that same girlfriend live in his home, but this is Florida, and those are the facts.

Later on, several charges were added: two VOP Battery charges and one charge of VOP: Contempt of Court.

Jenny is a Florida Native.

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6 months ago

I DO KNOW THIS WOMAN AND UNLESS YOU HAVE ALL THE FACTS YOU SHOULDN’T THROW STONES! I have known her since we were 12 years old, two little girls trying to make sense of ALL the shit life had already handed to us. I’m leaving this comment for the future readers. We were thick as thief’s and yes our lives turned out very differently BUT I still love that girl who was my rock for over 20 years. Until you know and live the pain she has endured don’t shit talk about someone based on OPINION. It breaks my heart that I got lucky, yes lucky, to have a better albeit not great support system. And I know the damn truth about what happened with her son, not biased assumptions. She SACRIFICED EVERYTHING FOR HIM, while his father was a true piece of work. I was there through All of it and not talking outmy ass as the other 3 have. That was her breaking point to loose him. Sometimes life beats you down REPEATEDLY and when you’re alone in this world it’s pretty damn impossible to keep fighting the good fight. If C****e ever reads this know your mom did the best she could with the crap hand she was delt, you know your “family” on her side. I pray for you always Jenny

3 years ago

I know this gal, I liked her. Pretty woman and she is pretty wild. If u rub her the wrong way kinda wild . But she needs to watch herself too. Can’t be going off the handles all the time. At some point u gotta get right , be a mom, and sober up. Find friends that’ll add to your life not take away from it.