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Drunk Florida Man Reportedly Urinates in Front of Villagers at Gator’s Dockside

Stephen Earle Fish

The Villages (WTFF) – An intoxicated Florida man was arrested after reportedly urinating on a light pole in front of a Gator’s Dockside restaurant in the world’s largest retirement community.

Lady Lake police said in the arrest affidavit that 34-year-old Stephen Fish was “arguing with customers and causing a disturbance” at the Gator’s Dockside in the Spanish Springs Town Square of The Villages on Friday around 1:00 in the morning.

The manager told him to leave, but he refused.

Police were called, and they found Fish “visibly intoxicated,” with “bloodshot eyes, slurred speech” and the distinct odor of alcohol coming from his breath. He was “stumbling and unsteady on his feet,” the report states.

Several customers told police that Fish was “urinating on a light pole, in plain view of patrons.”

Police told him to leave, and that if he came back he would be trespassing.

He cursed at the cops and eventually left.

While police were speaking to the manager, Fish returned, though not fully dressed.

He “walked right in front of police with his pants falling down,” according to the arrest report.

When he was told that he was under arrest, he replied, “No, I’m not.”

One officer was intentionally kicked in the hand while she struggled to place him into the patrol car, the report states.

Fish is currently in the Lake County Jail on a $13,000 bond while facing charges for Disorderly Intoxication, Trespass After Warning and Battery on Officer.

He was born in Iowa, but now lives in Lady Lake, Florida.

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He blinked


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The Villages ROCK!