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Florida Man Trespassing at McDonald’s Tells Cop He ‘Should Be Arresting Scumbags in Pine Hills’ Instead

Donald Matzner, Florida Man

Minneola (WTFF) – A retired Groveland man was arrested for allegedly trespassing at McDonald’s.

It was a little after five in the morning on Friday when a Lake County Sheriff’s deputy arrived at the McDonald’s located at 901 US Hwy 27, Minneola, FL.

71-year-old Donald H. Matzner was inside the fast food restaurant, according to the arrest affidavit.

The officer wrote that he “asked Donald if he was trespassed” from that location yesterday, to which Matzner replied, “not that he recalls.”

Another deputy verified that he was in fact trespassed yesterday evening.

“Please exit the restaurant,” the deputy told him.

“I am here to see the owner and I did not get trespassed,” replied the Florida man, ignoring the cop.

Again, the officer told him he was trespassing and must leave.

Matzner kept arguing, “I did not sign anything, I am not trespassed.”

Finally, he left the McDonald’s in a “very agitated” manner.

While walking in the parking lot towards his car, “Donald became verbally aggressive and began yelling,” the report reads.

Matzner yelled that he was a “retired federal agent,” and then insisted that the officer “should be arresting scumbags in Pine Hills, not harassing people like him.”

Editor’s note: Pine Hills is a census-designated area west of Orlando, known to the locals as “Crime Hills.” It’s not quite as bad as it sounds though. Crime in the area has dropped by 38 percent since 2015, and the rate of homicides has been decreased by almost half since 2016, said Orange County Sheriff John Mina.

“I am not leaving until I speak to the owner,” the Florida man stated defiantly.

Matzner then turned around and tried to open his car door to leave.

That’s when he was placed into handcuffs and charged with a single count of trespass after warning.

On his was to jail he spontaneously uttered, “I am going to sue you, the Lake County Sheriff’s office.”

The Groveland man continued:

“You don’t know who you are messing with, I am a retired Federal agent and you’re treating me like a criminal from Pine Hills.”

He was released from the Lake County jail a few hours later after a $1,000 bond was posted. His next court date is June 14th.

Matzner is a Florida Native.

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2 years ago


4 years ago

I never realized u could trespass at McDonald’s

4 years ago

He needs help!

4 years ago

Well he’s not wrong…