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Florida Woman Reportedly Spits on Florida Man After Asking for Money and Being Told ‘No’

Rachel Patton, Florida Woman

Okahumpka (WTFF) – A Florida woman is facing a domestic battery charge after allegedly attacking a fellow Okahumpkan.

On Wednesday, Lake County Sheriff’s deputies arrived to a home on Main Ave. in regards to a “physical alteration,” the arrest affidavit states.

The victim, Timothy Miller, said that 31-year-old Rachel Patton asked him for money.

He told her “no,” which reportedly caused the Okahumpkan woman to “scream and throw things at him.”

Patton threw a toy at his stomach while he went to pick up his son.

She reportedly scratched him trying to get at his son. The Florida woman also “hit him in the head with a box cutter and a light fixture,” the victim said.

Miller started buckling in his son to escape, when Patton stated, “I’m going to get you mother fucker.”

She then spat on him, a claim that was verified by video evidence.

Officers noted that Miller had a red mark across his forehead and spit on his chest.

He was given a Victim’s Rights and Domestic Violence Pamphlet.

It appears as if the two are in a relationship, but that was not verified in the police report. A Facebook page for a Timothy Miller exists, featuring a 2017 photo of what appears to be him embracing Patton, who appears to be managing two separate Facebook identities, one under the name of Rachel Patton, and another under the name Rachel Lynn.

Miller and Patton (Facebook.com)

His profile states that a relationship with someone began in 2013, though it did not specify who.

We can see in the “selfie” that Patton’s tattoo matches one from a previous mugshot taken in March of this year for a Domestic Battery arrest.

Booking photo from earlier this year

Patton was outside taking clothes off the line when officers spoke to her.

She said that Miller “backhanded” her and “started ripping clothes off her shoulder.”

There were three red marks on Patton’s neck.

She was also given a Victim’s Rights and Domestic Violence Pamphlet.

Patton was the one arrested.

She’s been charged with a single count of Simple Domestic Battery by Bodily Fluid, and her bond was set at $5,000. As of Friday she’s still in jail.

Patton was born in New York.

In a post made on May 16, Rachel Patton said, “Me and the baby is hauling ass. Going to ny.”

Needless to say, she never made it back to New York.

Few ever do make it out of our peninsula.

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1 year ago

She is a drug addict, and abandoned her older daughter. She is abusive to anyone who is around her. She acts like this with all of the guys she sleeps with. And uses hard drugs with her sister and mother in front of their kids. The entire family is disgusting.