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Ride to Ocala

From a post made by Dennis Payton on May 19, 2017:

The weirdest thing just happened to me… So I’m driving down 441 through Paynes Prairie and I see what looks like a dead body or somebody possibly hurt laying on the side of the road.

There were no cars or any other means of transportation around the body, so I made a U-turn to see if everything was OK or if I needed to call for help.

As I approach the body, the guy sits up and without hesitation says “Hi, my name is Dave, can you give me a ride to Ocala?”

I said, “I’m not heading to Ocala, I just stopped cause I seen you laying there motionless and wanted to see if you were OK.”

He responded by saying, “Oh I’m fine, I’m just laying here cause it gets people to stop. It’s easier than hitchhiking.”

I was furious with his response to say the least… I just rolled up my window without another word and pulled off!! Seriously what is wrong with people these days?

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4 years ago

That’s actually kind of a genius idea!