Snake versus Gator

gator vs python 1

An alligator and a Burmese Python were spotted in a standoff at “The Golf Club at Fiddler’s Creek” in Naples, Florida. Entangled together, they seem to both be determined to kill each other, trapping themselves in an endless and futile battle. Like many of us. Full Story »

Gator of Peace

Meditating Gator

Remember to always be peaceful and kind, especially in the face of hatred and anger. Shit’s getting pretty wild all over the place, but us Florida folk are used to it. Love thy neighbor. Chill out. Don’t be a dick. It’s very possible to keep Florida weird, while also being decent to each other.

Local alligator hunters kill 11-foot, 375-pound gator in Blackwater Bay


A three-hour fight turned into quite the haul for four local alligator hunters.

Nick Naylor, John Booker, Kenny Way and Casey Shields caught and killed the 11-foot, 375-pound alligator in Blackwater Bay below Interstate 10.

They battled the alligator starting late Tuesday night and into the early morning Wednesday.

The animal was caught on a 40-pound test from a spinning reel on opening day of alligator hunting season.


Welp. So long big feller. Rest In Peace. Also, this is really bad news for anyone who was on team Angry Gator…

Vote for your warrior in our deathmatch

Angry Gator arrested on the porch of a Boynton Beach home


A Florida police officer can now add “alligator wrestler” to his resume after he wrangled a hissing gator from the front porch of a home during an encounter caught on video earlier this month.

Boynton Beach Police released bodycam footage Wednesday of Officer Alfredo Vargas responding to a call on July 10 from a resident complaining about an alligator laying outside his front door.

When Vargas arrived at the scene, police said he called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and learned it would take about 30 minutes for a trapper to arrive. The officer was then told the trapper would most likely kill the gator. Full Story »

Charlie the Gator Chomps on a Port Charlotte Man Bathing in Retention Pond


PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. – A man is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a huge alligator.

A picture shows a 9-foot alligator being removed from a retention pond at Kings Highway and Suncoast Boulevard in Port Charlotte after the gator attacked a man who was in the pond around 10 o’clock Monday morning.

“It was reported that he had an injury to a lower extremity as well as possibly on his back side,” said Michael Davis, an EMS Deputy Chief with Charlotte County. Full Story »

Florida Man Cuts off Gator Tail to Impress Girlfriend and Tries to Sell it to Neighbors

Shaun Sparks, 33, and Christy Michelle Vincent, 27, both of Lakeland, face charges after trying to sell an alligator tail that Sparks had cut off. [Photos courtesy of the Polk County Sheriff's Office]

Shaun Sparks, 33, and Christy Michelle Vincent, 27, both of Lakeland, face charges after trying to sell an alligator tail that Sparks had cut off. [Polk County Sheriff’s Office]A Lakeland man faces charges after he killed an alligator, cut off its tail and tried to sell the meat to neighbors, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

A licensed alligator trapper found the seven foot alligator with stab wounds to the head and missing its tail at Lake Parker on Sunday night.

During the FWC’s investigation, several witnesses said Shaun Edward Sparks, 33, of 1816 W. Lake Parker Dr. in Lakeland, had tried to sell them the alligator tail. Officers who arrived at Sparks’ house found the three-foot long appendage.

Sparks “spontaneously uttered that he stabbed the alligator with a large knife, then cut off its tail,” his arrest report said. Full Story »

Road Side Attractions


One cool about Florida is all the bizarre road side attractions. You will randomly come across them while driving on desolate back roads. People build them for fun, or to give life meaning, or whatever the reason.

They often serve no obvious purpose, but over time they do pull us from our busy lives to stop and reflect, “What The Fuck, Florida?”

That’s gotta mean something.

Florida has about 1.3 million alligators in all 67 counties


Photo Credit: Miguel Vieira (

Florida has a healthy and stable alligator population. We have about 1.3 million alligators in Florida. Alligators live in all 67 counties, and they inhabit all wild areas of Florida that can support them.


Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

We have hit a new record for 2017 already, so be sure to read our tips for getting eaten by a gator if you’re a tourist visiting, we could sure use the help.

The reality is though, gators hardly ever attack people. Alligators are our friends.

Alligator attacks man diving for golf balls

alligator golf ball

July 8 (UPI) — A Florida man diving for golf balls in a golf course pond was attacked by an alligator.

Scott Lahodik, 51, was hired by the Rotonda Golf and Country Club in Rotonda, Fla. to remove all the golf balls from the course’s ponds. But while he was doing his job, an alligator swam up to him and bit his arm. Full Story »