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Cody Gribble Taps a Gator’s Tail at Arnold Palmer Invitational

Orlando (WTFF) – Golfer Cory Gribble walked up to an alligator during his first round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational and tapped it on the tail.

He told CBS Sports: “I’ve done it a couple times before. If you think if that’s crazy, you should meet my father, Bill Gribble. Next time you see him, have an interview with him. He loves all types of animals, but, yeah.”

Cory Gribble was born in Dallas, Texas.

He continued: “They’re quick, but they’re not that quick. We have caught them before, I’ve caught them before, fishing before, too. It’s fun, it’s fun, I like — I’m not going to hurt them or anything, he’s beautiful. And, actually, I don’t know if you ever felt an alligator, but like their skin is incredibly clean.”

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Cody Gribble Taps a Gator’s Tail at Arnold Palmer Invitational

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4 years ago

If that bitch turned around and bit his ass !!!!