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Florida Deputy Shoots and Kills Unarmed Gator

Alligator attacks on humans are incredibly rare, though fear of alligators remains high (image credit: Steve Hillebrand/US Fish & Wildlife Service)

Altoona (WTFF) – A group of alligators reportedly chased a 15-year-old Florida girl up a tree on Friday. One of them was shot dead by a deputy. The gator was unarmed.

“My daughter’s stuck in a frickin’ tree and there’s gators surrounding her!” the mother screamed frantically to a 911 operator. “Oh my God! Please hurry! Please hurry!”

The call came just after 3 p.m., reports Orlando Sentinel. The 10-foot gator stood at the base of the tree hissing at the girl for over 30 minutes. The Titusville family members watched the drama unfold near a boat ramp.

A Lake County Sheriff’s deputy showed up. The girl was hanging from a branch screaming that she was tired of holding on.

The alligator stood his ground and continued to defend his home against the human intruder, showing no fear. The Florida girl was floating on a raft in the creek near Forest Service Road near Alexander Springs when the gator “approached her,” according to authorities. That’s when she ran up the tree.

The law man shot the gator with his Bushmaster AR15.

Sinking back into their aquatic home, the gator died from the single shot.

Mating season is ending for gators, meaning they are more aggressive as they try to secure their final baby-making romps. Humans are advised to stay the fuck away from them, lest they be chomped.

Image source: BBC

This isn’t the first gator to die simply because they stood their ground.

Charlie the Gator Chomps on a Port Charlotte Man Bathing in Retention Pond


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Florida Deputy Shoots and Kills Unarmed Gator

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