Florida man gets 6 years for firing gun while taking selfie

TAMPA, Fla. — A Florida man has been sentenced to six years and five months in prison for accidentally shooting a gun while taking a selfie in a strip club restroom. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Tampa announced 34-year-old Rorn Sorn’s sentencing Monday. The Asian Pride Gang member pleaded guilty in April to possessing a […] »

Florida Woman’s Gun Accidentally Fires, Shoots Mall at Millenia Shopper in Leg

The Orlando Sentinel reports the shooting happened outside the Mall at Millenia on Saturday. Orlando police Lt. Robert Terrell says a handgun in a woman’s purse accidentally fired a bullet through her bag and hit the victim in the lower leg. This happened outside the mall, near the Macy’s department story. The victim/shooter was taken […] »

Florida Cop Accidentally Shoots and Kills 73 Year Old Librarian As Crowd Watches in Horror

Mary Knowlton
A 73-year-old librarian became the latest victim of police in Punta Gorda, Florida. However, her tragic death — in front of 34 people, during an officer’s demonstration about police use of deadly force — is far from the, unfortunately common, tales of violence by law enforcement. Mary Knowlton signed up to be a student in […] »

More Floridians accidentally shooting people

Tyrone Fields accidentally shot  Christina Meagher in the head at the Regency Inn and Suites on Church Avenue while they were having “freaky sex.” During their role play, he forgot to unload the chamber and fired a bullet into her head. Good job Tampa. Source: wtsp.com Right next door in St. Petersburg, a bail bondsman accidentally shot […] »

Florida Cracker accidentally shoots his gun in Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel
This happened in a Cracker Barrel at 200 Hickman Circle in Sanford. Imagine you are sitting down eating typical white American food, engorging your already fat and diabetes-ridden gut with fried lard and sausage, when suddenly… GUN FIRE! Our proud ‘Murican, William Hoback, accidentally fired his gun when it slipped out of the holster. The bullet […] »