Destroy Each Other

We received a “must-run message” from our “friends” over at Sinclair Media. We don’t approve of this message, but they’re heavily armed and already shot a few of our best reporters for dissenting, so here it is: Democrats and Republicans must remain mortal enemies. Do everything in your power to destroy each other. Conservatives, do […] »

Must Run Message

** PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT ** We just received a “must-run message” from our corporate sponsors over at Sinclair Media. Ever since we seceded, our FEMA lake has dried up, and we’ve been relying on corporations to pay for the damages caused by Hurricane Flo-Rida 74, which decimated our state right after the Robot Revolution of […] »

Mainstream Media Accountability Survey

Florida is under attack from the mainstream media! For years now, they have ridiculed our great state, running “Florida Man” and “Florida Woman” articles. FAKE NEWS! I don’t like it when people share their opinions! We’re going to take a serious look at our libel and slander laws, and put those fuckers in jail, OR […] »

Politically Correct in 2018

In order to keep up with these changing times, we have decided to re-brand into something more “politically correct” for the modern era. Our site name is changing from “Wow, That’s Fascinating, Florida,” to “What The Fuck, Florida.” If you don’t swear, just call it the former name. WTFF News is proudly committed to staying […] »


We’re gonna build a wall, and Alabama and Georgia are gonna pay for it. We don’t want any more transplants. Go away. We closed. Vote “WTF Florida” as your new Governor in the 2018 elections. #MFGA #KeepEveryoneOut #GoAway »

New Web Site Owner – Baphomet

satan again
HELLo everybody. Baphomet here. I’m the new owner of WTF Florida. I’ve been trying to buy the site for quite some time now, but the original admin kept refusing. He said something about wanting to make people laugh to bring them together, and that even though he made fun of everybody, he still had lots […] »