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Paul Mango is Running for President of Palm Chase Condos

Boynton Beach (WTFF) – Paul Mango is trying to “make a difference” at Palm Chase Condominiums by running for President.

Not to be confused with the Paul Mango running for Governor of PA, this Paul Mango is actually important.

Dana Berger posted his glorious campaign video on Facebook, which you may watch here:

His website informs constituents that he cares about his community and “the three S’s”:

  1. Safety
  2. Solvency
  3. Socializing

He also wrote “God Bless America,” so you know automatically that he’s a good Christian who cares about our country.

Even if you don’t live in Palm Chase, please consider voting for Paul Mango. WTFF officially endorses his candidacy. Other sponsors include “Mango Finer Meats & Deli,” and “Feinstein Pharmacy: We have your drugs!”

Here’s his website:



*EDIT: We just spoke to Paul Mango’s campaigning team, and it turns out there’s actually no campaign for President of Palm Chase. If you thought this campaign was real, it’s not your fault… just look at the absurd state of politics in real life.

Paul Mango is Running for President of Palm Chase Condos

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