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Opinion: It’s Time to Ban All Guns

Written by: Huffmeister Schnitzelberger

Gun violence in America has gone on too long.

It’s time to ban all guns.

For too long we’ve tried the same old ways. They simply don’t work. We keep making the same excuses. And we’re tired of it.

We’re tired of our children dying from fully automated assault rifles in schools. We’re tired of getting gunned down in the street.

The argument that guns make us safer has been proven wrong by what we see on the news every day. Just look at the horrible things they show us between commercials.

We live in a society where we don’t need the Second Amendment anymore.

The police protect us.

Cops only shoot bad guys, they would never harm innocent people or make bad choices.

They “serve and protect” us, even though technically they don’t, because Castle Rock v. Gonzales legally concluded that police do not have a constitutional duty to protect any citizen.

It’s not like cops are the personal armies of billionaires who provide campaign contributions to politicians who create laws to weaponize the police against poor people, small businesses and freedom. Well, they are, but still…

We should have faith that the government always has our best interest in mind, even though the U.S. is actually an oligarchy, and not a democracy, according to a Princeton University study.

We should trust the government, and never trust each other.

Armed civilians are dangerous. Self-defense is no excuse for allowing U.S. citizens to have access to these dangerous weapons.

We don’t need to be armed; we have armed police and armed soldiers to protect us against armed bad guys.

This is a bipartisan issue.

Only extremists on the far left and far right, like Socialists and Libertarians, support gun rights. Those people are terrible and should be ignored and eventually destroyed. This is America.

President Trump said at the White House in 2018, “I like taking guns away early. Take the guns first, go through due process second.”

Democrats like Alderman Edward Burke agree with Trump on banning guns. Burke once bravely said that “bullets and booze don’t mix,” which is true, which means that everything he says is true. He was found with 23 guns when the FBI raided his office, but regardless of that, he put many wonderful anti-gun bills through Chicago, making it way safer there.

Guns make our country more dangerous, so we’re going to ban them.

You wouldn’t let a child get murdered, right? Guns are bad and if you support gun rights then you support children getting murdered.

We can ban firearms easily. It’s not like you can just buy one on the streets or download and print out a firearm, that would be ridiculous.

Once we’ve banned guns, we will ban murder, and everyone will be safe.

Give up all your guns. It’s time to ban them all.

Just give them up.

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5 years ago

Why don’t you move to a country where guns are illegal?

5 years ago

Banning / destroying stupid people would be easier.

5 years ago

What a great idea!!! Let’s ban drugs too!!