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Florida man to fellow prisoner: ‘you gonna get this dick’

John Robert Glennon

Lake County (WTFF) – A jailed Florida man is facing new charges after reportedly assaulting an inmate.

47-year-old John Robert Glennon was born in Red Bank, New Jersey.

In late 2017, while living in Eustis, Florida, he was placed into the Lake County Jail for burglary, where he’s remained ever since.

On Tuesday, according to an arrest affidavit, an inmate reported that Glennon “grabbed him from behind and forcefully pressed his penis on his buttocks.”

The New Jersey transplant held the victim in a “bear hug” and stated:

“You gonna get this dick.”

Glennon held a razor blade to the victim’s neck and tried to cut him, but another inmate walked up and stopped the attack.

Before this incident, Glennon had exposed his penis several times, according to the victim and several witnesses.

The Jersey transplant said to the victim with one of the witnesses present:

“This faggot needs to stop snitching.”

The razor blade was not located, but probable cause was determined per the victim and witnesses.

Glennon was charged with 3 counts of exposure of sexual organs and 1 count of aggravated battery by a detainee.

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2 years ago


Crystal kenmore
Crystal kenmore
5 years ago

This is not true about john glennon … He would never do nothing like that… I will stick up for that….. These charges needs to stop