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Statement from the FWC and Manatee County State Attorney’s Office

Official statement the FWC:

The FWC and the State Attorney’s Office would like to formally thank the many individuals that have provided information and expressed concern over the numerous videos and images that have been seen over social media involving individuals and wildlife. We share your concern, and we are committed to conserving Florida’s natural resources. FWC law enforcement investigators and State Attorneys are diligently working toward a swift and lawful resolution to this case. We appreciate Governor Scott’s leadership on this issue as well. These investigations are complex, and both the FWC and the State Attorney’s Office appreciate the public’s understanding and patience. We take these incidents seriously, and this investigation is moving forward. If anyone has additional information, images or videos that can provide more evidence regarding any of these incidents, please contact the FWC’s Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-3922 or [email protected].

Rob Klepper
Public Information Coordinator
Law Enforcement Division
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

The fact that they said “this investigation is moving forward” is very encouraging.

We still need to keep the public attention on this case as it evolves. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition letting these agencies know how much we care. We will keep a close eye on this case, and relay any information to the public.

If we run into any opposition and need to organize protests, we will. If anyone would like to organize a protest on their own initiative, we may help you advertise it here, just go to the contact page and tell us about it.

Keep the pressure on MTV’s Siesta Key reality show. The producers son, and star of the show, Alex Kompothecras, was found in another video shooting a hammerhead shark in the gills. He’s friends with Michael Wenzel, and was allegedly the one who filmed the infamous shark torture video. He supposedly got some death threats because of his actions. He later deleted the photos from his social media accounts because the internet called him out for his abuse. The controversy is becoming MTV’s problem now, and rightfully so. We want this show gone. Let’s kick them where it hurts… in their revenue stream. By stopping this show, we make a point that animal cruelty will not be taken lightly. Plus it’s an objectively terrible show… do we really want another Jersey Shore? Especially one that starts its first season with animal abuse?

Learn more about Alex Kompothecras…

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Statement from the FWC and Manatee County State Attorney’s Office

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[…] Statement from the FWC and Manatee County State Attorney’s Office […]