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Wanted Florida Man Gives Cops His Brother’s Name, Who Also Had a Warrant

Jacob Alexander Zane Hisel

Bradenton (WTFF) – A Florida man with a warrant out for his arrest gave cops his brother’s name in an effort to avoid incarceration. Turns out his brother was wanted too.

26-year-old Jacob Alexander Zane Hisel was walking along U.S. 41 North when deputies spotted him on Saturday, reports ABC 7.

Deputies say he was walking in the roadway, and that’s why they stopped him.

When asked for identification, he said he didn’t have any.

He told the cops he was 23-year-old Nathan Hisel, who is actually his brother.

Nathan Hisel has a warrant for his arrest from the City of Bradenton, so they took Jacob Hisel into custody and transported him to the county jail.

After fingerprinting him, they found he was actually Jacob Hisel, who had two warrants in Manatee County for dealing stolen property and uttering forged instrument.

Now he’s facing additional charges for providing a false identification to law enforcement.

His brother hasn’t been found yet.

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Wanted Florida Man Gives Cops His Brother’s Name, Who Also Had a Warrant

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4 years ago

Yet another criminal mastermind in the Funshine State.

4 years ago

Just cant fix stupid