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Anthropogenic Climate Change is Real. Fuck You.

Satellite image of Hurricane Joaquin east of the Bahamas (NASA)

Florida (WTFF) – Deadly climate change is real, and has been exasperated by humans under Capitalism to the benefit of an elite few.

The science is settled. Common, low-effort arguments against climate change have all been proven wrong. Fuck you if you don’t “believe” it. We’re not going to waste our time arguing with you. The information is there. It’s up to you to face reality. If facts and logic haven’t changed your mind, then nothing we post here will. So, fuck you.

People who deny climate change are either fools or shills.

If you’re not getting paid to hold that shitty, ignorant opinion, then you’re obviously the fool.

Billions of dollars have been spent on advertising trying to convince the public that climate change is a hoax.

Fossil fuel interests have spent ten times as much on climate change lobbying than environmental advocates.

Because of all that money tied up in oil corporations and politics, it’s easy to find bullshit news sites and Facebook pages that publish blatant lies and deceitfully-biased propaganda to convince regular people that climate change is a “hoax.”

It’s not a hoax. Fuck you.

Perhaps you know that climate change is a real threat, but you don’t care because you’re going to die soon anyway.

Well, you selfish fuck, aren’t you worried about your kids or grandkids? Or if you chose not to make babies, don’t you care about the future of humans period?

Maybe you still really don’t care. Maybe you will purposely stand in our way, choosing to side with oil lobbyists instead of the people. That would make you a threat.

By the year 2050, global temperatures will likely rise by 1.4-3°C. The National Centre for Climate Restoration describes a 3°C scenario in their publication Existential Climate-Related Security Risk:

  • 55% of the Earth’s population will be displaced due to unlivable conditions.
  • 30% of the planet’s land surface will become arid and impossible for agriculture.
  • Wars will very likely break out over land and resources.
  • The concept of nations and borders may break down as billions of climate refugees scramble to find new places to live.

We are already undergoing the planet’s sixth mass extinction. Scientists estimate we’re now losing species at up to 1,000 times the background rate, with literally dozens going extinct every day. The earth’s global temperature continues to rise, reaching new all-time records. There are already climate refugees. Sea level rise in Miami is causing septic systems to bubble human shit out of kitchen drains. Climate change is happening now, and it’s happening at such an alarming rate because of the actions of humans.

This is very much a life or death matter to those who are going to be around in 2050, and hopefully beyond.

So again, if you’re not with us, then fuck you.

Groups like Extinction Rebellion are pushing for a zero-carbon emissions global infrastructure within the next decade so we can avoid the worst case scenarios.

The movement is growing.

Greta Thunberg was 15 when she began protesting in front of the Riksdag in Stockholm, declaring she’d do this until Sweden reduced carbon emissions in line with the Paris agreement. “I am doing this because you adults are shitting on my future,” she wrote on her pamphlets. (The Guardian)

“Time is much shorter than we think. Failure means disaster. The grown-ups have failed us. And since most of them, including the press and the politicians, keep ignoring the situation, we must take action into our own hands. Starting today. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is needed. Please join in.”

Greta Thunberg

Contact your State and U.S. Senators and Representatives and tell them how important it is to address climate change. Florida residents can use this tool to quickly get the necessary contact information.

Remember that 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions, so don’t get too hung up on “individual responsibility.” Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals, but really we need to collectively take on corporate and bureaucratic power.

That being said, we should live as examples of the future we’d like to see. Recycling is valuable and important. Going vegan or vegetarian helps to cut down on the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the meat industry, and inspires others to do the same. No one person can fix our climate crisis, but all of us together can.

Climate change is a life or death matter.

Losing the battle means losing our lives.

We must stand our ground against those who perpetuate the destruction of our planet.

We must firmly denounce the ones profiting from the destruction (fossil fuel companies and the politicians they pay off mostly), as well as their enablers (those who stall action with deliberate misinformation, and their gullible prey, the climate change deniers).

We either fight now, or inevitably die from the repercussions of our inaction.

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4 years ago

Why don’t you just kill yourself then if everythings so bad.

4 years ago

stay mad faggot #TRUMP2020

Bob Onit
Bob Onit
4 years ago

Does the end of the ice age also prove climate change in your overwrought emotional way of thinking? Just asking. I’m considering starting a website for such individuals like yourself. Do you also believe man made climate change killed off the dinosaurs? Just a follow up question to stimulate your overwrought emotional outbursts. At least that is what I attribute your tourrettes like out bursts in the middle of your near award winning journalistic musings. Save your references to my abilities to have sex with myself, I understand your personal issues.

4 years ago