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Florida Cop Used Police Database Like a Dating Website

Leonol Marines, former Florida cop

Bradenton (WTFF) – A former Florida cop was stalking women using the police database he had access to, authorities say.

Officer Leonol Marines was a 12-year employee of the Bradenton Police Department, reports NBC.

Authorities say he misused his access to law enforcement resources to contact around 150 women against their consent.

He found their social media accounts, called them on the phone, and even visited their homes under the guise of police business.

Once, he knocked on the door of a girl who lived with her parents, demanding to the couple that he speak to their daughter about a “domestic matter.”

They wisely refused to let the cop in.

Another time, Marines followed a woman home after an encounter in a parking lot.

Bradenton Police Chief Melanie Bevan said at a press conference that he “often targeted Hispanic women.”

“He was sometimes successful,” the chief divulged…

At first, Marines was put on a desk duty, but he was later placed on unpaid administrative leave, and stripped of his badge, gun, and uniforms.

In October he resigned.

Bevan said that the BPD’s administrative case was closed, but “this remains a very active and open criminal investigation which is being handled by the FBI…”

Over the past few weeks she’s met with several victims who are trying to “regain their trust in the Bradenton Police Department.”

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