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Marco Rubio Spreads Fake News About Venezuela’s ‘German Dam’

Miami (WTFF) – Florida’s Republican Senator Marco Rubio exposed his ignorance while trying to spread propaganda about Venezuela.

In a now deleted Tweet, he declared that the power outages in Caracas were caused by an explosion at the “German Dam.”

There’s a problem though.

Germán Dam is the name of the journalist who published the information.

“German Dam” isn’t a dam at all, which was pointed out by Germán Dam himself:

If you only consume mainstream media like CNN and Fox News, you may believe that the recent blackouts in Venezuela are simply a result of mismanagement. It certainly plays into the narrative they’re trying to sell.

In reality, there’s good evidence to indicate that U.S. forces sabotaged the power plants as part of their mission to take over oil-rich Venezuela, such as Marco Rubio tweeting jokes about their electric grid crisis only three minutes after the nationwide blackout, before any reports had been published.

Read: US Regime Change Blueprint Proposed Venezuelan Electricity Blackouts as ‘Watershed Event’ for ‘Galvanizing Public Unrest’

Democrats are just as disgusting. Here’s Rep. Donna E. Shalala (27th District) at the border spreading propaganda about hunger and disease, while failing to mention the fact that both problems are a direct result of U.S. sanctions implemented since 2002 after an unsuccessful coup attempt.

We are witnessing the weaponization of “humanitarian aid.”

The media’s already been caught in their lies.

The New York Times finally admitted that video footage contradicted the U.S. claim that Maduro burned an aid convoy.

It was in fact a Colombian on the opposition side who started the fire, and not a Venezuelan, as they and so many other “Mainstream Media” outlets had fabricated or shamelessly copied from other fabrications.

TeleSUR along with other national outlets broke the news accurately on Jan. 23, the same day of the fire.

While TeleSUR published news articles about false flag operations that were set up against the government of Nicolas Maduro, mainstream media continued their lies, saying that it was Maduro’s Venezuelan people who lit the aid convoy on fire.

It took corporate news weeks to finally publish the facts.

They pretend to have been “misled,” even though videos were being shared all over Twitter that same day exposing what really happened. It was a willful ignorance of those details that allowed such gross and false reporting.

Even worse, much of the U.S. and Colombian “humanitarian aid” turned out to be weapons.

Rubio also enjoys posting graphic torture and rape scenes between bible verses and political propaganda.

“The two pictures –one showing Gaddafi while still in power, the other showing the Libyan leader being tortured minutes before his brutal murder– were posted by Sen. Rubio (R-FL) on Twitter without any caption. Yet, given his open calls for an armed insurrection in the Latin American country to depose President Nicolas Maduro, the message was clear.” (RT)

While Rubio and the U.S. waste time and money trying to overthrow a democratically-elected leader, America’s own problems surmount, such as the fact that over 75,000 school age children in Florida are homeless.

Perhaps we should spend our resources fixing our own problems instead of spending time and money invading oil-rich countries under the guise of “aid.”

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Marco Rubio Spreads Fake News About Venezuela’s ‘German Dam’

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[…] Marco Rubio Spreads Fake News About Venezuela’s ‘German Dam’ […]