Bella Vista Baptist Church

bella vista baptist church
Bella Vista Baptist Church “Forgiveness Is Swallowing When You Want To Spit.”

A church in Edgewater had to change their sign about forgiveness after it was mistaken for a sexual innuendo.

“We apologize if anyone was offended,” officials from the church wrote, according to

Florida school district picks abstinence-only center to provide sex education

edumacation education

A Florida school district has signed on with an abstinence-only center to provide sex education — or, rather, “relationship education” — to teens, replacing curriculum that had been informed by the Florida Department of Health.

The Santa Rosa County School District has decided to have the Pregnancy Resource Center in Milton, Fla., provide sex education to high school students in the form of 12 lessons in two 50-minute sessions over two days, according to this report in the Pensacola News Journal. Lesson No. 8 is “Steps of intimacy and how to stop them”; Lesson No. 12: “Saving sex for marriage.”
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Florida Man Says Hidden Cameras in His Airbnb Were for Sex Parties, Not Spying

airbnb hidden camera

There’s a seemingly infinite well of horror stories about Airbnb hosts returning home to find their houses robbed, trashed, or turned into impromptu brothels. But it turns out things can get pretty weird for Airbnb guests, too. An Indiana couple on vacation in Florida was horrified earlier this week when they discovered a hidden camera inside the bedroom of their Airbnb, ABC reports.
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Florida Doctor texts his patient ‘You need a sugar daddy’

ely pelta

Doctors in Florida aren’t too bright. Ely Pelta, who used to be a psychiatrist, proves our point… and gets his license suspended in the same motion.

Instead of doing what most lonely people with money do and rent hookers, he decided to be a creep.

He suggested to a brand new patient, via text, that he become her “sugar daddy” to fix her problems. The text messages kept getting worse, and he finally got into a little bit of trouble. He’s been doing this kind of thing for a while, perhaps inspired by the devious bits of Freud’s legacy.

She had come to him for help with work-related anxiety and depression.

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