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Florida Man Caught Fapping at Water Treatment Plant

Palm Bay (WTFF) – A Florida man was arrested after reportedly masturbating outside of a water treatment plant because he’s “dumb,” according to the Palm Bay Police Department.

20-year-old Nicholas Heinzen told police that he was “curious” about public masturbation, so he wanked it in front of a security camera at the Palm Bay water treatment plant on Monday shortly after midnight, according to Click Orlando.

Video surveillance first caught the Florida Man mooning the camera. He was wearing a hat on his head and a napkin around his face when he started fapping.

Police caught him driving away and questioned him.

He told the cops that he did it because he is “dumb,” according to the report.

One charge of indecent exposure put him in jail.

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1 year ago

OK….fapping at the water plant is a fantasy we all have…but why in front of the video camera?