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Pasco County Man Gets Robbed by a Fake Hooker’s Boyfriend

Robert Roser
Robert Roser

Holiday (WTFF) – A Pasco County man got robbed after replying to a sex ad on Craigslist.

The victim’s name was not released by ABC Action News. Let’s just call him “Pasco County Man.”

Pasco County Man was scouring Craigslist ads on a horny Monday night. He stumbled upon a promising ad and agreed to meet the woman at her home in Holiday, FL… (every day is a holiday in Florida). He drove to the address provided, ready for action.

Florida Woman, the fake hooker, greeted him and led him inside to the bedroom. She was pretty convincing at first. Pasco County Man took off all clothes and prepared his body. Florida Woman took off her shirt, and then her bra. “Oh yeah…” thought Pasco County Man, as he advanced towards her.

Suddenly a boner kill arrived.

Florida Woman’s 39-year-old boyfriend Robert Roser walked in.

Robert pulled out a fake police badge and said to Pasco County Man, “This is a sting operation! You’re busted!” or something like that.

“Got anything in your pockets?” the fake cop asked. Pasco County Man scrambled over butt naked to his pants and dug through them, revealing a cell phone and his keys. Robert, the fake cop, searched Pasco County Man and took $60 from him, as well as two condoms (props for practicing safe sex).

“Welp, I’m gonna let you off with a warnin’ now, ya hear…” exclaimed Robert, excited to have scored the whopping 60 bucks and barely able to keep in character anymore.

Pasco County Man drove home. The blood from his lower extremities probably traveled to the rest of his body given the adrenaline from being accosted and robbed by a fake cop.

Robert Roser was found later by real cops and arrested for the strong-arm robbery.

Pasco County Man Gets Robbed by a Fake Hooker’s Boyfriend

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