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Florida Woman Throws Kitchen Pot at Baby’s Daddy for Fishing Too Much

Katie Gottlich

Wesley Chapel (WTFF) – A Florida woman reportedly hit her child’s father with a kitchen pot because he spent too much time fishing.

25-year-old Katie Gottlich was arrested Wednesday afternoon after the victim said she threw a pot at him, reports WFLA.

The arrest report says the Pasco County pair were arguing about him not being home enough to help with the child.

The Florida man told the cops he’d been out fishing the past couple of days.

During the argument, Gottlich reportedly threw a pot at her Florida man and hit him in the head.

She denied throwing anything or putting her hands on him.

Deputies found a pot in the yard where the victim claimed the incident happened, but there were no bruises or injuries on his head.

The child was not home at the time of this argument.

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